Naples, Florida
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Picked up my medication at the Walgreen's located on Rt 41/Bonita Beach Rd- when I got home I noticed I had 2 prescriptions vs. one that I thought I had to refill.

When I reviewed the 2 prescriptions one was for XANAX a drug that I was not on, was not prescribed, and frankly do not need at this point in my life. I went to the pharmacy, they admitted an error was made. I requested a letter for my medical records that an error was made and I was not on that medication/was not prescribed that Rx. They said that I would get something 3 months ago.

Still waiting. I have contacted the district and corporate levels to no avail. I am background checked and have my own medical insurance which reviews all the medications, etc I am on. Being on XANAX raises a RED flag in my industry and will jeopardize my job and livelihood and perhaps raise my insurance rates.

I can not believe that this issue has been handled so unprofessionally.

What do I have to do next, hire an attorney ? Any suggestions

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@dietexperts It is not illegal to take back is illegal to repackage and sell the meds to someone else. We just throw them in a locked box that gets destroyed by Corp. once a big.


They should have taken wrong drug back, that's controlled, and if you still have it without a script, that's bad. Did u refuse to return it? That's why they haven't refunded yet


I hate hearing this, and hope there won't be repercussions for you, as a result. Due to convenience I have all my prescriptions at Walgreens.

Sadly, I cannot recall the last time an RX was filled without issue. I did try another Walgreens in the same vicinity and the results were no different.

I so wish that Walgreens TV ad, with the kind Pharmacist interacting so patiently with a customer, had some validity. Unfortunatelly it doesn't.

I'm no longer Mrs. "Smith" or "Jones". I am a "date of birth" and a "confirmed address". The exchanges, when I pick my meds up are barely cordial.

The Managing Pharmacist is a mere photograph on the wall. SO? The patient roster is long, and there are scores of prescriptions to fill. SO?

So what!!

I hope you continue to pursue your case. And I hope there is a positive resolution. Then I hope you consider making the decision I have.

I will be taking advantage of a newly opened, old fashioned, "neighborhood" Drug Store.

One of two in the area. I am guessing prices won't be higher, and I am SURE anxiety will will be lower.


No they did not take it back- its against the law to do so. They did not refund my money.

They did not apologize , they did not answer me back.

Read through the comment before you comment. Obviously you fail to understand that every medication everything you do is electronically tracked.


They apologized and took back the medication. What more do you want?

People are so ungrateful these days. Get over it.