Atlanta, Georgia

This place is ridiculous! They promise a $25 gift certificate for transferring a prescription, but...the list of exclusions almost needs a separate booklet!

Everything in the store is grossly overpriced, nearly double what you will pay elsewhere, and most items on-line are the same. Those on-line that are comparable value are "out of stock" - ALWAYS! Not that it matters. Apparently their gift certificates aren't usable on-line.

Oh, and they overcharge for sales tax on-line. I don't see how I can possibly use this "gift certificate" given all the restrictions. It is a scam. Please take your business elsewhere.

They are dead to me.

I will never set foot in their stores again. Anyone want a "gift certificate" ice scraper?

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I foolishly fell for the gift card scam. I only had my prescription filled once and never went back.

I had my doctor fax my prescription back to the grocery store pharmacy I had been going to for years. Walgreens kept calling and saying my prescription was ready as they were auto filling which I did not request.

They tried to charge my insurance and my insurance declined the charge since the prescription was filled and picked up at the grocery store. Walgreens gift card offers are just a ruse to rope in new customers into thinking they are getting a better deal when that is far from the case.


Ditto on the Prescription gift Card scam. Had all of my prescriptions transferred to Walgreens by my doctor when they came up for renewal.

Went to get them and was told that I did not qualify as having "transferred" my prescriptions because my doctor called them rather than having them call my doctor.

If you read the coupon, there is no such requirement listed. Can't be mad at the girl behind the counter though, she tried, but the computer wouldn't let her override it.

If you are thinking of doing the transfer, go in first and make sure THEY don't screw it up for you.


It's not a "transfer" if your dr calls in a NEW rx. It has to be transferred from a competitor.

What's the scam?

I don't understand how you can't understand that. A transfer closes out your rx at the competitor.


Of course being you are dissatisfied with the gift card, you have to bring up other things. If you watch their sales, they have some pretty good buys.

What do you mean they overcharge for sales tax online? What you think is an overcharge is more than likely the fact that they are required to charge sales tax on the shipping and handling charge. All the businesses, catalog, online, Avon, Schwans, etc.

are required to charge sales tax on the shipping charges. That is the way the game is played.