Athens, Georgia

Walgreens in Boaz, Alabama has a pharmacy tech named Gina that screams insults in front of customers and could not remember if she filled my 12 year old's antibiotic correctly.Gina was rude and hateful to me and other customers around. It seemed as if she could not handle the pressure of multiple customers and Gina would scream and yell at her co-employees.

I was shocked that the manager didn't step in because you could hear her all over the store.

I will not be using Walgreens pharmacy again. I am very dissappointed and I have no confidence in the people you hire to do something as important as medicine.I definantly will drive 8 miles down the road to another pharmacy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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The process is differant in some states. However, in my state.

Tech takes in script, Inputs script in system, script entry is verified by pharmacist for errors, Tech fills script, pharmacist verifies script for proper meds.

Item is sold.

Thats the basic rundown of how a script is filled. Alot of times a error is caused by poor hand writing of the Doctor.


While I wasn't there, I highly doubt that the tech "screams insults" without doing something about it unless she has an exemption from the ADA for having Tourette's Syndrome. Additionally, technicians do not "fill" the medications, they simply assist as the other poster said.


It's not the tech's job to know if the drug is filled correctly. It's is the pharmacist's job.

The tech only assists. Ask the pharmacist if you want to know that kind of stuff.


I use boaz discount drugs across 168 from piggly wiggly for my whole families medicines and I've found that their pricing is usually lower than others for example, one of my meds is around $21 there and at Walgreens it was almost $50.