Callahan, Florida
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I went to WALGREENS in Callahan, FL. where the pharmacist are rude and arrogant.

I took the same prescription I've had filled there several times from the same doctor. This time I was told that my GYN/General Practice doctor has no business treating me for ADHD and that I have to see a psychiatrist if I want WALGREENS to fill this prescription. I told them to verify the script and after the pharmacist verified that my doctor did write this script and does threat ADHD and that it is in the scope of his expertise the pharmacist said he would still not fill this unless it was written by a psychiatrist and that I would have a hard time finding anyone else to fill it. Who is a WALGREENS pharmacist to tell my doctor what they can treat and what is out of their realm of expertise?

I cannot afford to see another doctor when I have a perfectly good one treating me for the same thing. These pharmacist are not doctors and should not be asking me what I am being treated for! Does the patient/doctor privacy act not pertain to Pharmacist? I have never written a complaint on line before but now I will tell everyone what happened and not only will I not use WALGREENS pharmacy, I will not shop there period!

WALGREENS will end up loosing millions of dollars and customers due to their attitude and new "Good Faith Dispensing" policy. By the way this WALLGREENS turned away 2 other people in front of me in line that day who also appeared upset.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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um...the drugs aren't part of the good faith. must of been your state maybe.

most states they are not part of it.

walgreens problly made all of the pharmacy's run that way (they also have a look 40 years old or older policy for cigs and beer nation wide) florida's drug laws are changing i heard on the news. so chill no matter will you go you'll have the same result.


I am sure you can get someone else to fill the prescription. and yes who are they to tell a customer they have to go somewhere else to get treated.

and what if you went somewhere else and got the prescription and your insurance says your primary care dr can prescribe that and we will not pay a specialist. Who pays then. Lots of primary care Dr.

prescribe ADHD meds!! and they also prescribe the PILL for birth control