Chicago, Illinois

I took my husbands prescriptions to Walgreens to be fill because that is where my insurance company said I would get the best price because they had a deal with them. Right after getting them filled we started Getting calls from a " Good Start Program".

Now this has turned into a daily call every day at 7:15 AM, this started on a Sunday, on 2 days when I wasn't here ,there where repeated calls for 15 minutes. I called Walgreens and they said someone must have hacked into there computer system. I just want other people to be aware of this. It is very annoying to the point that I feel I'm being harassed by this company.

I have gotten prescriptions filled other places and have never had this happen. Seems odd only at Walgreens and they say they don't share information. Seems odd to me, and very frustrated with the whole thing.

Just a warning to others... Thank for letting me vent.

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I was also called by good start program. They also called themselves the Star Program.

They said they worked in conjunction with the pharmacy I use. They wanted to talk to me about one of the drugs that I take. I spoke to the pharmacy and they knew nothing about it. The next phone call I told them that info.

I do not think I will hear from them again. Busted!


I'm getting them and I use Parkway. How did they get my informational? I'm pissed!


When I said I am Ins the do not call list, they hung up


I got a good start call from a agent that could not explain to me about the program or what it was bout, I tried to speak w a supervisor and was given a 1866 number that gets you no where, abd as I'm trying to ask questions bout this program the lady could say was I'd get a positive message each day, and the was a link on a website that was a resource but couldn't explain what resources they had to help me. Or even tell me anything bout this good start program other than I link abd and the call I'd get each day to give me a positive health message to get me in a routine each day for taking meds I'd been on for several years.

The agent only wanted to end the call when I was asking questions that she said she couldn't answer at this time when I asked what this program could offer me besides a website link and phone call. I was told a supervisor would call me in 24hrs. I don't like how they got my number or address from my pharmacy in camden Ohio.

I think this good start program suspicious because obviously they can't tell you about any resources they have or how this could start program could benefit you in any way assigns a website link or a positive message for you to take your medication each day. sorry for the lengthy venting.


I work for an independent retail pharmacy. I got a call from someone that claimed to be from my pharmacy's good start program.

I asked my boss what the good start program was and he had no idea. He was also pretty upset that they were claiming to represent his company. When I got the call again the next day, I told them that I worked for this particular pharmacy for three years and I nor my boss had heard of them, the lady started stuttering trying to come up with something to say. I hung up and they have never called back.

They are not in any way affiliated with our pharmacy as I'm sure they are not affiliated with Walgreen's. Not sure what scam they are trying to pull, but beware and definitely do not five them any information


The Good start program is a dual Walgreen/Gerber program. You must have given your phone number to Walgreen when filling the script.

Walgreen then enrolled you in the "good start" program and they are trying to sell you a bunch of junk. At this point, I would go elsewhere for prescriptions given Walgreen's attempts to scam customers.

They are NOT the best nor cheapest place to fill prescriptions. Check around.