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I walked into walgreens, typical thing and day. I had to pick up some pupplies including a kit at the phramacy for a strong laxative for a colonoscpy prep.

I also had to purchase some gas-X and laxatives for this. I went to the counter and there were 3 people ahead of me. The man at the counter was joking and harassing everyone in line. The first lady he said she had to show him her ID in order to get sinor discount.

The lady sai "im not a sinor and I didnt ask for a discount" he kept saying "come on show it" and she said Im not a sinor. Then he said fine, looked at everyine else and said 'everyone needs tos mile" trying to joke again. Then the next person, he said your total is something like one thousand dollars and he acted like he wasnt going to take the ladies money. After a few min of joking it was mt turn.

i said 'i just want in and out, please dont joke with me" he held up the box of gas-x and said and whi is this for? Everone behind me glanced and laughed. he then said yeah see smile its not that bad. i told him to please stop and just let me get my things and go.

He asked me what i was planning on doing with all the laxatives. I was very offened! He then would not give me my bag until I 'smiled" at him. He started to laugh at me in my face.

I will NEVER shop there again.

i had to call about it and the manager on the phobe said that was the 3rd complain about him that day. Why not fire the ***?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I have that job and whoever this guy was should be put in the back to fill scripts and not talk to people. In his defense Walgreens is always pushing pharmacy staff to be overly friendly because of how stressful meds, ins, and high costs are to the patient. This guy will eventually crack and be miserable like the rest of us..don't worry


Oh God! Another lady complained because she was a DOB and a confirmed address...

Really, you can't please everyone... That said, poster's complaint should have been taken seriously at the pharmacy since it deals with Privacy laws... That tech should have been talked to...

As for other comments made here... Just laugh at it...

Don't take yourselves so seriously...

This isn't any formal way of complaining... He's just posting what we are all thinking...


Sarah: You use the "inexcusable", unacceptable and totally insensitive R word and yet you have the audacity to critique Starks words? Time to jump off your undeserved high horse!

Too bad there isn't a pill for your gross insensitivity and ignorance. If you find one, get some for your buddy So Sad. He needs them too.

Starks: You should complain vigorously to someone high up within the Walgreen's organization. That kind of behavior should never be tolerated.


@nikalseyn, there's no reason for you to act like a complete díck because So sad pointed out the obvious. Your "insults" were retarded, anyway.

As bad as I feel for the poster of this complaint, and how disgusting it was for the cashier to have behaved this way, the bad grammar and horrific spelling isn't really excusable. It takes a few seconds to proofread, and it's not hard to see your words as you type them.


Starks eh? Winter is coming...


The *** poor grammar can be excused because when someone is upset that tends to happen. As for the cashier, Walgreens takes pride in giving people with mental disabilities jobs in the workplace, so you can't really hold a grudge against the unfortunate who don't know any better.


You can safely ignore any comments made by "so sad" as he did not take his meds this morning and his mommy is watching him closely in case he starts playing with himself in the closet again.

In reference to your complaint: contact Walgreen's corporate and complain about the employee and store.

And, of course, do not patronize Walgreen's again. Rite-Aid is probably right close to you anyway.


Its hard to have any sympathy for you when you have the *** poor grammar of a first grader. If you spoke to me with this type of poor grammar I'd laugh at you too.