Henderson, Nevada
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Update by user May 03, 2013

"Hit and run..." Wow, you guys here are serious. I contacted my doctor's office after my original post, and can now add some clarification.

When I said they can't call Walgreens back, I should have said that they don't have time to play the *** games Walgreens keeps coming up with. They are the only pharmacy that does this ***. Further clarification- I was mildly bothered when Walgreens said they needed to call my doctor even after I handed them legit scripts from a reputable doctor, valid DL, and in good standing in the database. I turned into a "pissed consumer" when they called only once, couldn't get through, and never called again after I sat there for 2 hours.

They weren't busy, they saw me sitting there, they just didn't care. This is a non issue to me now, as I will never go into another Walgreens again.

Original review posted by user Apr 29, 2013

I have used Walgreens each month for years to fill my prescription for pain meds. But today I experienced the worst customer service I have ever seen at a pharmacy.

When I refill my meds, I give them legitimate scripts from a legitimate doctor, my valid drivers license, and I am in good standing in their database. But today all of a sudden, they needed to call the doctor. They could not get through, and left a message to call them back. I then call the doctor, and get through immediately.

They tell me they are not allowed to call Walgreens, but are available to answer their call now. I relay this information to the pharmacy, and ask that they call now. I sit there for another 2 hours and find out they have done nothing. They see me sitting there, they know what I need, they know why I am waiting, but simply don't care.

Keep in mind, this was at 10am and not at all busy. I believe this to be specifically a Walgreens issue, and will never go there again.

Henderson, NV

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Your doctor is allowed to call the pharmacy. Why would you believe otherwise?


Hey LadyScot-

Here you are! I think you missed all those questions we were asking over at the other Walgreens entries, since you never came back to answer them. Are you still busying yourself playing hit and run, or are you going to have a serious discussion about this issue? It appears the only folks you want to talk with are the ones who can't seem to defend themselves online. Or is this just a mistaken impression?

Mr Customer


All MDs are "allowed" to call all Walgreens pharmacies. How ridiculous.

Have you, the writer, looked at the scores of your complaint?

Useful (2)

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*** (6)

...and I haven't even voted yet!


I think what the original poster was saying is that the doctors office personnel are not supposed to call by policy of the doctor's office. Perhaps they only submit to Walgreens via email or fax.

I've been told by Walgreens that calls would not be accepted for prescriptions, and that faxes or emails were required.

I think everyone knows they can dial Walgreens.

And why would you think the "scores" of the complaint matter one bit? I think most people here are well aware there are professional posters and voters on pissed consumer...of course, you may be one yourself


Walgreens won't accept calls from dr's? That is strange.

Why wouldn't they take a call from dr. Only fax or email?

That is weird. Something fishy is going on with that place.


I think they thought anyone could phone them and pretend to be a doctor, but they could backtrace a fax or email. More of an ability to document a paper trail, if nothing else...



Don't know if most people here are well aware there are professional posters and voters on pissed consumer - but that matter is being exposed like a flood light on most complaint. It's just so funny - when someone exposes them, that person has great difficulty signing back onto PissedConsumer.com from then on out!

What the *** is the purpose of this place anyway?

Is the way they make money by keeping complaints on-going until someone exposes them?


Moreover, why would Cornholia55 (seriously?) post an explanation on one comment, and then a countering opinion on the same day below it?

"You may be ...."?


Walgreens does accept calls from doctors. Just not for controlled medications.

Laws require a hand written signature by the MD on every controlled medication. That is why it must be dropped off or faxed in, not called or e-scribed.

Because obviously they can't physically sign those. That is required the Feds or the script is invalid.