I needed a TB skin test done I am from out of town so I have never been to a health care center in walgreens. I arrived at 10:40 asked the lady to help me with the computer I didn't know how it worked she did rudely.

I waited until 11:50 when it said only 2 people were ahead of me and 3 were waited on inbetween me and the woman I was right after in line. I had another appt at 12 somewhere else that is why I only waited until 11:50 and then I stood up since they were waiting on no other pts in the room I don't know what they were doing, I said I had to leave I have another appt and I would be back later annoyed bc they weren't waiting on their customers adequately. In fact a lady came in when I was there and said this place is pointless (little did I know). I came back at 1:30 but their time said they wouldn't be back until 2 so I waited.

When they arrived back she asked me wasn't I here earlier and I said yes I had another appt and had to come back she then said oh we didn't know u were coming back we shredded your papers. Even though I said I was and maybe if someone was helpfully sitting at the desk I could have told them that instead of having to say it loudly over the desk to get no response. I said oh do I need to fill out another one and she then said well we are out of TB tests now anyways there has been a shortage. I have never been so unprofessionally treated by either a practitioner or a secretary either one.

I work in the medical field I know how it is but I can tell when your half way doing your job and they both were. I will not be back to walgreens and ill find elsewhere to get my Tb skin test that treats customers properly. I'm sure this will get thrown into the bin of you don't care customer complaints but I'm just warning you you should by the looks of every others customers face in the room.

Also I tried to complain on walgreens website and after I typed everything in it said it couldn't work bc of a 409 area code.

I have full service so I think it pops up on every customer. Terrible

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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