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The word is out.

Hearing aids at a reasonable price.

General Hearing Instruments of New Orleans,La.,an American Manufacturer, long established and well respected, is making their products available through the Sam's Club internet program.

Is Wal-Mart soon to follow?

Why not?

The profit margins available in hearing aids is unbelievable.

There is more than an 80% profit margin.

The new products are designed so that they do not need to be custom fit.

Contrary to the past products being offered, that really didn't work, but received a tremendous response because of price, the new products being offered by Sam's Club do work, and they are identical to the products being offered by private hearing aid offices at prices ranging from $1500 each to $5,000 each.

Sam's Club is offering hearing aids through the Internet at much better prices than COSTCO.

JUST GO TO SAM'S CLUB.COM for further details.

They are selling hearing aids for $1,000 less than anyone else, including COSTCO.


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