San Francisco, California

Market and Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, California. The minute you walk in, a guard stands on your way as if the store was closed to the public.

You go around the guard to continue your shopping. Then you turn around and there he is following you. You almost feel like you were never welcomed to shop there. The clerks are very rude they joke about their customers and are not friendly at all.

Why can't they close it and open a CVS Pharmacy instead. And bring back more customers who leave happy and not pissed off.

Their food spoils because it doesn't sell then they try to get rid of it by dropping the price at a discount price. still rancid food is not too appealing to the customer.

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Well, either complain to the right people or go to CVS.


It will not stay open if it doesn't make the numbers it is all about the numbers. Tell everyone you know how terrible it was to be followed around the store. Word of mouth does work and Walgreens only wants to make Money not lose money a losing store will be closed


Walgreens isn't going to close themselves and bring in a CVS. The only way a store will close is if they don't have enough business.

As long as you are so unhappy with the store quit going there. Just think if you do that you won't have anything to complain about.

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