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Numerous ocaisons all photos Arrive fully cropped , worthless they have helen keller reviewing the photos?

Product or Service Mentioned: Photo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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More like just a stupid idiot customer who can't figure out how to review their own photos before sending them thru to make sure all of the cropping and quality is ok. It's not their responsibility to make sure your photos are 'perfect'.

It's YOUR responsibility to make sure you are cropping them how you want and reviewing them before hand! Got questions on how to do it!?! Are you in the store?! Then simply ASK the person working in that department for help!

To stupid to figure it out on their website?! CALL THE WALGREENS TECH SUPPORT! Derp. Not everything is the workers fault!

Even though people like you think it is. It's just the stupidity of the customer.