I ordered generic Maxalt MLT from them under part d medicare and paid $800 more for this prescription than I would have at any other competitive pharmacy I could find. (i.e.

Walmart,CVS etc) After getting no satisfaction from local pharmacy I call the national headquarters and was told that drug manufactures set the price and they could do nothing about it. I was even told by them when I complained that they know their prices are higher, after the fact. This is not true as competitive pharmacys charge less. There is no recourse on drugs.

So check before you buy.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Naples, Florida, United States #624290

I call this BULL *** for the simple reason that IF you filed this on your insurance, your copay would be same NO MATTER WHERE YOU FILLED IT and where you were in the donut hole.

The only time medications have altering prices is when cash is being used, and pharmacies are not required to charge the same amount as another, just like stores have different prices.

to LadyScot #698352

got anything better to do then harass people over pills ladyscot?you seme like an addict to me get over yourself

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