Middletown, Delaware

I applied for a position with Walgreens as a Customer Associate. Took the pre-employment test, I've been out of work for over a year looking for steady employment.

Well I took the test & spoke to the manager regarding the results. Per the Manager I didn't pass the test he couldn't give any specific info about my grade. He did say that I didn't pass because of incorrect questions and the time it took to actually take the test. You know I've worked in retail for 4 years and never had a problem.

I greeted the customers in a friendly manner, rang items up properly and handled myself in a professional manner.

I am 51 years old, I think this has a lot to do with age discrimination. If I were 20 something with the same test scores bet I would have gotten the job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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It is very unfair of Walgreens to refuse to give the specifics of what you failed on their assessment. My sister took their Pharmacy Tech assessment and they said she failed, but wouldn't tell her what she did wrong.

How do a person suppose to correct a problem, if they don't offer any positive feedback to help them attain employment?!.

My sister worked at CVS for 14 yrs and was pushed out due to racism/favoritism. She had no problem being friendly with customers, co-workers, entering, filling prescriptions, therefore why rely on an assessment to choose employees based on whether they pass an assessment, instead of hiring them to prove your assessment is unrealistic!!!!


Well that's funny considering they hired me at age 50 and I had no problems. If you couldn't pass the test, you couldn't pass the test.

There is NO age discrimination. Try taking the test again.

They do allow that, you know? :roll


I took the test and was hired as an assistant manager trainee at the age of 55. I worked for 8 years and retired.

I was asked repeatedly to stay with the company by my manager and district manager, and I was 63 at that time. I certainly saw no age discrimination while working at Walgreens.


when you fail the test it does not show why you didn't pass just that you didn't. Just because you fail something don't go crying discrimination..OWN IT.

You can retake it , its not that big of a deal. Do it again & pass it.

Simple as that . Its free all it costs is your time to take it


What on earth kind of review is this? I've taken that test and it is beyond simple.

If you actually failed it because of too many missed questions and because you took too long, then frankly that's a great reason not to hire you--customer service is about being friendly yes, but it's also about being quick and knowing how to handle problems/do simple math (which is precisely what that test is checking for). So no, a 20 year old who failed it wouldn't get hired either because they're lacking the basic skills necessary to actually be good at the job.


No it wasn't your age. It was that yuu greeted the customers in a friendly manner and actually did you job.

Manager didn't want workers that come in and perform you would make him/her look bad. He needs terrible employees to make him/her look good!!


You are a complete and utter ***! :grin :eek


I agree with you, Rebelchick. Instead of "Anonymous", this mean poster should be called "Anonymous" then something else that starts with a capital "A"