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Rx antibiotic phoned in at 10am. Attempt to pick it up at 5:30pm & told it wasn't ready....

really! It's a Zpak...comes in a box pre-labeled and blister packed...just slap a label on it and you are good....does it really take 7 hrs to do that. I was told that due to their proximity to the local hospital they fill those prescriptions first.

You would think during flu season they would fill the antibiotics and get the sick people moving and out of the store so as not to create more sick people. Very poor management of time if you can't get something so simple done in that amount of time

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Okay, your wait time WAS a little long, but there's more to it then slapping a label on a box. You're not ordering a hamburger, you're getting medication which - if dispensed in the wrong strength, or typed up for the wrong dose, or whatever can happen when you're in a hurry - can KILL you.

It has to be checked THREE times before it is allowed to leave the pharmacy. This is for YOUR protection. And hey, maybe they were busy.

A lot of people are sick. There might have been twenty other people ahead of you waiting for Z-packs.