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Today my husband went to walgreens to pick me up some Advil PM He called me when he got to walgreens to make sure he got the right Advil. I had asked him to make sure it was the one with the Register Rewards In this weeks ad.

He was on the phone with me and went to the register to ask the cashier if it was the correct one. The cashier name Nelson said there is the ads for my husband to look it up himself and that knowing the ads isn't part of his job description. In addition he proceeded to tell him that him working there is not a career for him, basically showing he didn't care about this job. I was appalled to hear the conversation first hand.

My husband then paid with this disrespectful employee because there was no other cashier available. Then while standing waiting for a manager to come the cashier said to my husband "why are you staring at me for"? In a really combative type of way. My husband responded that he was just waiting for the manager and for him to not become defensive.

Finally the manager came and his name was Brandon Jonadis (claimed to be the Stores general manager) yet he was very unprofessional and also combative. My husband explained the situation to the manager and he stayed quiet while he asked if this was acceptable to treat a customer. The manager said No but then told my husband that all he can do is check the tapes. The manager was basically implying that my husband was lying about the situation.

He left and came back to my husband with an even more of a nonchalant attitude and said he watched the tapes and all he can do is address it with the cashier. He then told my husband that he isn't gonna scold him in front of him. My husband then said he wasn't asking for that just wanted the situation handled. While the manager was speaking to my husband i could hear the cashier Nelson yelling and telling the manager and my husband to talk about how my husband was staring at him?

I cannot believe that all this ordeal over asking a question about an ad for Advil. I read all over that your company prides themselves in customer service and yet this experience proves otherwise. I am appalled that you allow this cashier (employee) and manager to represent your company. The manager was beyond unprofessional and made it seem like he had to make sure my husband wasn't lying and at no point while there did he tell his employee to stay out of the conversation.

It was as if the employee was telling the manager what it was gonna be in regards to this situation. If this is the type of management that you have then shame on you for claiming customer service as being your main focus. It is clear that this manager Brandon and employee Nelson are not the core of your company but they do represent the face of Walgreens and with that being said its a shame. When my husband told Brandon that he goes there all the time his response was "i've never seen you here before"!

My husband being a finance manager himself who deals with customers said even if this is the first visit is this what you want me to experience as a customer. I live around the corner and I fill my prescriptions here all the time you can look me up in your system if you don't believe me. Regardless of that why should a manager or company care if this is your first of fiftieth visit?

Needless to say my husband left with a bad experience all around and when asked for who Brandon reported to he was given the answer if he has an issue he can call #1-800-walgreens. So basically your employees and managers can treat people with utter disrespect and there is no one to complain to about it.

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I for one know what you mean... I am a cashier at Walgreens and try to be very kind to all of my customers, however there are days that your manager is just a complete *** and can ruin your whole day.

not saying that this is an acceptable behavior, but the behavior mostly reflects on the upper class people. Store managers DMs etc..

at least i know my manager can ruin my whole mood easily. The manager however is suppose to manage and care about customer service and gets paid enough to do so, whereas a cashier gets minimum wage and probably does not care about much.


Thanks I appreciate that input I will do that ! =)


I am a former Walgreens Manager. I would suggest that you go to another local Walgreens during normal working hours and talk to the Store Manager.

Their name is located on the front door plaque.

This Manager can provide you with the District Manager's name and number or the Name of the District Loss Prevention manager. Hope this helps.


I also wanted to say that when 1-800-walgreens was called they said they couldnt tell me the district managers info just address to the store ?? Hello i already knew the store address my husband was just there ??

How does that help the situation ? ?