Palatine, Illinois

The manager of the Walgreens at 375 E. Dundee Rd.

Palatine, IL is horrible. This guy has been rude to both me and my wife in the past but we just ignored it. Today (6.23.13 - 8:30am) was the last straw. I was having a problem with my prescription savings plan which he would not help with.

Then I asked for a refund. He said he needs a receipt (paid for on internet 5 months ago... how would I have a Walgreen receipt?). He basically said "can't help you.

Bug off". I then told him I'm ready to switch our prescriptions to CVS to which he replied "go ahead" and laughed. I went in to tell him in person he's a horrible manager. He doesn't care.

Even denied things he had just said at the drive through window. On the way out, an employee at the front counter (who deserves be a manager) offered to help when he saw how upset I was. I told him I didn't think he could. Why is this store's manager incapable of doing what even the front check out guy did?

Show some concern & actually try to help. The current manager is a grumpy sarcastic sloppy guy who hides in the back all the time unless an employee calls him out. Many of their employees are cranky too with a "I really don't want to help you but I guess I have to" attitude. My guess is these are employees the head grump trained.

I think all the cranky ones would like to just hide in the back all day and keep collecting their checks like the manager does. I won't buy as much as a piece of gum here in the future.

They've lost my family's business. I don't get laughed at & keep handing my money over!

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I don't know WTF you're taking about or why you would pay to allow fraudulent pharmaceutical companies to poison you, but this Walgreens location is very, very horrible.


not to mitigate your situation, but why would you go through the drive-thru for this??? The drive-thru is meant for a convenience to quickly drop-off or pick-up a prescription.

It's not meant for lazy people who have situations that take time which clogs it up restricting people from it's convenience. Clearly it would have been easier to help you in person in the store.

Nobody should have been rude or laughed at you, however upper management is required to complete a return without a receipt. Also walgreens will also refund the price you pay for the prescription savings plan if you fail to save the cost to sign up for the plan over the course of a year, so your claim sounds pretty bogus if it's only been 5 months.

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