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I always shopped at this walgreens and use coupons. The manager here named Brian was very rude. Alongside with some of his employees. I tried to exchanged diapers and lost my receipt, he was giving me a hard time. Saying that he would not do the exchange when the box of diapers clearly has their address to it. I asked for his name and he said "is there a problem" well yes you are giving me a hard time all i needed was to exchange a diaper for a bigger size and you refuse to do it. So he does the exchange, I asked for his last name and he replies "you don't need to know my last name I am the manager". Well then I said, every time I come here you always give me a hard time like I'm some kind of criminal Im never coming back to this walgreens. He replies " well you are not welcome at this walgreens no chinks allowed you are free to go somewhere else. ***!! Everytime I come there the manager is constantly following me like I'm about to steal something. I always come with my big huge binders full of coupons and he is constantly giving me a hard time doing my transactions limiting however much i want to purchase. I reported him to corporate and I hope he gets into big trouble.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Orange, California, United States #794655

Judging from your behavior my guess is you were buying the diapers for yourself. It does not matter if the box has the store address on it, that does not mean you just took it off the shelf, and claimed you lost your receipt and demand your money back.

Also you have no business having children if you are careless and irresponsible that you cannot even hold on to a receipt. A good parent knows her child's diaper size, you are not a good parent. The reason he gave you a hard time is because you cannot take no for a manager and you mistook having them follow store policies as being rude. You act like you are still eight years old and have no right to raise children.

He is not required to give you his last name and since you acted like a psychopath he refused for a very good reason. Maybe if you behaved in a mature manner you would be allowed to come back to walgreens.

He won't get into trouble just because you are careless and irresponsible. It is not his fault you lost your receipt and you are probably forgetting to tell something such as some of the coupons you wanted are expired or not elligable for the product you used,

Troy, Michigan, United States #794651

You actually can get a return without receipts. The money just goes to a walgreens gift card.


I don't know why the last name is necessary. You have the store location, time, day, and first name.

The company isn't going to have any difficulty identifying him.

I looked up their return policy, "We reserve the right to limit or refuse a refund." I'm not saying the manager's behavior isn't wrong, but this allows him to refuse any return or exchange.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #794657

The behavior of the adult acting like a child is wrong. She does not have a receipt so he has no obligation to allow an exchange. She could have made up the whole story herself grabbing the diapers from the shelf and claiming she got the wrong size and lost her receipt because she spread her legs to five men and does not know who the father is and is unemployed.

to kevin richards #845602

Now that's just harsh don't you think Kevin? Do you have to be crude about it?

And for any of you here spewing abuse at this woman, have you not ever lost a receipt? Honestly, customers get on my nerves sometimes too (we're human and some people are just rude and obnoxious) but Kevin you are being downright mean and racists here. I work for Walgreens too and we rarely turn down an exchange. She did not ask for her money back, she asked for an exchange for the right size.

In this case, I would have let her exchange them but I work in a Flagship store where we coddle the tourist and customers a bit but you know what? It doesn't hurt us or Walgreens to make a customer happy so why not be courteous and treat them with respect? It's no less than what we would want if it was us. We can tell if someone is shady or not and this woman did not sound shady to me.

As far as her coupons go, she's trying to save a little money. Sheesh, build a bridge and get over it.

We're in retail. Customers happen, Capisci?


He will not get in any trouble. They do not want you shopping at the store you cost them time and money!!

They must process all the coupons you shop with and they want you to OVER PAY FOR PRODUCTS. kEEP going and really drive him (manager) nuts!!!

when he limits you go to the car and put away what he allowed you to buy and go RIGHT BACK in with your binder and see what limits he puts on you this time. DRIVE HIM MORE NUTS THEN HE DRIVES YOU!

to Anonymous #1157980

Please don't do this. Remember that managers/employees deal with people like this on a daily basis, like 3 out of 5 customers treat them like *** and yell @ them.

Sure, they chose the job, but, that doesn't mean that gives anyone the right to act like a giant tool just because. They don't know you!

They don't know your life is miserable! Cashiers and mgts are like underpaid therapists.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #788428

No receipt, no return or exchange. It's like that at any retail store.


Maybe you should hang on to receipts!

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