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whenever I need a product asap I go to walgreens but today was the last time I go. too many bad experiences.

Manager always rude. I about had it will no longer be going to Walgreens. co workers are girls they are all flirtatious with manager theres no getting to "customer is always right " with them. Manager is named chris.

this is the walgreens on camelback I believe its 68th and camelback right next to auto zone. todays situation was ring checks, apparently they don't accept them. ??

He has no experience in customer service, always rude. this location really needs to replace their crew because if kept this location will go no where but down.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The young women/ladies working at Walgreens are not girls. If they are mature enough to hold a job they are young ladies/women.

Are they actually flirting with the manager, or is that just your interpretation because you don't like them? There is a difference between talking and laughing and flirting. Flirting also has a certain tone of voice used, and the way they look at a person. This isn't the web site for Walgreens.

You are on a general complaint site. Actually what is really rude is your extremely poor grammar, capitalization, and punctuation skills.

You should spend more time improving yourself instead of worrying about how other people act. Furthermore, "the customer is always right" went out he door many years ago because there are too many cases, now, of customers ripping businesses off.

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