Wilmington, Delaware

I waited 45 minutes in the drivethru. Finally, I went inside and there are like 10 heavily tattooed folks skulking around the pharmacy area.

And when I attempted to remonstrate with the pharmacy "help" I got nothing but vacant stares. I went to the front to pay for my beverage, and an employee, an employee!, commiserated with me about what a shady operation they were running.

I couldn't even pick up the medicine my daughter needs because I finally left what was clearly an escalating argument between a patron and an employee. I don't know what is going on there, but if intuition and the appearance of impropriety count for anything, something's dreadfully wrong at this particular establishment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pierre, South Dakota, United States #993106

Your biggest problem is that you don't know enough to know that you shouldn't discuss one employee with another employee. You are there to do business, not gossip and that is what you were doing.

Just because a person has a lot of tattoos doesn't mean they are bad people. You are being extremely judgmental. You have no idea about what was actually going on there.

Furthermore, you also don't know that this isn't the Walgreen's web site. You are on a general complaint site.

to Anonymous #1350468

Maybe this person just doesn't care for poor, white, trailer trash. Ever think of that?

Do you work at that store?

The customer can converse with who they wish, and it's none of your *** business. Don't you have a biker to run off and date?

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