Rock Hall, Maryland

Rock Hall, Maryland Walgreens was a awesome store a few years ago. Now they have brought in a Women a year or so ago named Janet Tucker and she is about as rude as they She rather wear her pants to tight and try to look cute then be a manager.

Your lucky if she will even aknowledge you as well as the other employees who are always being transferred or quits. God forbid if you ned any help or a have a question the store manager looks at you like your in her way and the other employees usually can't answer anything. The actual pharm. usually good but they do not follow protocol like asking for addresses.

I hope a cvs comes in and buys them out or at least a store manager like the guy mike they had before whatever happened to him and Heath? They always transfer the good ones.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Rock Hall, Maryland, United States #596565

Same here I hate that place the kids Matt in pharmacy never asks me my address or anything isn't that against the law? I was even lucky enough to get the wrong prescription one time! I do like the pants the *** women wears the blond hair is hot.


Went to have prescription filled .was rude and told they would not fill. that I would haft to have the prescription coded.all new to me.had same prescription filled in past.i was polite and left.felt as if I was treated as if I was a crimmal or something.

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