Grapevine, Texas
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I think Walgreens is looking to be sued. They have no right to your private information.

I went in just to buy some candy and a toy and left it there when the robot hourly waged employee demanded my drivers license to make this purchase. lol I will never go back to a walgrees again. That is my private personal information that they have no right to and there are a lot of people just leaving their stuff on the counters.. I witnessed it.

There are too many businesses that would appreciate my business and respect my privacy. It will not be long before you see Walgrees on the news stores closings. (For their own stupidity)... lol Fedup customer in Mandeville, LA.

Next they will want your blood type. lol Probably know that already if you use their over priced pharmacy.

Going down slowly Walgreens dug their own grave.. Like Like Like Like Like Like

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think that they should have two lines at the DMV. One where you pay the normal price and get the usual very unflattering photo.

And another line where you can pay double the normal price and have a very flattering picture taken of you by a professional photographer. I know one thing, I'd gladly pay double the price to get a flattering picture taken.


You do realize that all of the info on your DL is public knowledge. You do not own the right to your information on a state ID.

The issuing state owns the right to that information. Point in fact is that you have been giving your information away each and every time you have swiped your debit or credit card. You dont think they actually keep your info private do you? So blowing a situation out of proportion due to ignorance really shows your lack of knowledge.

The card companies are tired of issuing credits because you the customer can’t remember that you used your card. So NOW credit card companies are requesting that retail establishments follow the correct policy on credit card sales. Which means showing your ID and not your *** Get over it little miss I can’t live in my budget. You chose the payment and then get mad at a automaton employee!!

Someone who is doing as they are instructed!! 20 years ago your information would have had a actual value.

Now it’s statistical numbers. You’re blowing it all out of proportion and you know this.


Hey Durpa, how's it going? I think that you have a really cool name? Where it it come from and what does it mean?


Did you pay with a credit card? If so, there are companies that require the employee to verify the name on the credit card to the name on the license.

What would you do if someone used your credit card without your authorization? Would you complain about that?

Would you be saying that no-one should have access to your private information? Something to consider since there are other companies that do this too.