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I took my rx 2 Walgreens 2 be filled and the Pharmacist looked at the rx and announced to the entire pharmacy area that she felt that it was too much medication and would not fill it. 1st of all she had no info on my condition when she made her loud comment, nor did she ask me.

I was prescribed 180 30mg roxicodone by a pain management dr. I have NEVER ran out or lost my rx in the 20 years in treatment. I have had 27 surgeries, and had to be hospitalized over 80 times in 5 years due to other diseases that have made my life a living ***.

She should count her blessings that she is not me and not count my pills. I WILL NEVER go back to Walgreens nor would I recommend them.

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I had a somewhat similar situation with walgreens myself. I'll be honest though, as I share my story.

I was put on Subutex after going through treatment for heroin addiction. I always used Walgreens out of convenience. I'd fill my prescription on the day I got it from my doctor. It'd usually be 1-4 days early, but I honestly never thought anything of it.

Sometimes I'd have enough to finish off the month, sometimes I needed them early. This was before I talked to my doctor, and my dosage was increased. Regardless, one month towards the middle of the year, some time in summer, I went a few days early and got a partial fill, since I didn't have all the money I needed. I made sure to ask the lady working if I would be able to come back in the next few days to pick up the rest.

She assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. They filled about a week's worth for me. When I returned a few days later, the pharmacy tech asked me to hold on because there was something up. The head pharmacist came up to the counter and told me that they would not be able to fill the rest for 22 days.

Shocked, I asked for an explanation. She refused a detailed explanation and said over and over, "you're too early! I can'f fill this. It's a controlled substance." and got louder each time I asked her to explain how I was early.

We went back and forth for awhile. She embarrassed me. I stood there in tears, fearing withdrawal. I was young at the time (early 20s).

I didn't understand what was happening. My mom called the pharmacy, who basically refused to talked to her, so she went up the chain to someone in the regional divison who finally explained that those 22 days included the remainder of the week they had filled and the 2-3 days from each month that they had filled it "early." I was never notifyed that I was too early. I was never told that this would happen if I didn't wait the full 30 days each month. The regional folks stood by their local pharmacist of course.

I finally called my doctor (or maybe my mom did), and he was kind enough to write me a nee prescription. I took it to cvs, and they explained that (because i had tried to switch the script over to them earlier, and they had talked to walgreens) they wouldn't fill it. walgreens had blocked the transfer and cvs wouldn't fill it even with a brand new script from my doctor with that day's date on it. I even told them that I did not mind waitinf until that week that Walgreens had filled ran out, but they explained that they too would have to wait the 22 days.

At that point, I was a mess because I was sure that I had been flagged in the system somehow for doing something I had no idea was some sort of problem, especially after being ensured that it wasn't a problem just a few days before. Eventually, I went to a "mom n pop" pharmacy who filled it for me with no problem. Filling my Subutex has constantly caused me problems since that time. Most pharmacies don't even want to fill it.

I went on vacation this summer, and because I can't fill it early, I tried to fill it in FL, and no one would fill it there. I thought it was because it was an out of state prescription, but one pharmacist was kind enough to explain to my boyfriend that most pharmacies in FL simply don't want to deal with Suboxone/Subutex scripts or the patients that fill it. Luckily, I have found a great pharmacy that is good and kind to me, but the process of finding that pharmacy was long and tiring. The "looks" I constantly got were embarrassing and frustrating...

the "oh look at this junkie" look. Many days, I wish I had just quit heroin cold turkey because now I'm just dependent on another substance simply to avoid using heroin and to avoid withdrawal. Apparently, the process of getting off of Subutex is harder than getting off of heroin, and it's terrifying... but I don't need the DEA and the pharmacists by proxy making the process of trying to stay sober more difficult than it already is.

I've been sober for a good 3 years now, but I'm still treated like a junkie by these people who don't know a single thing about me. I may not have been in physical pain, but I was in immense emotional pain for years, and only now that I'm sober am I finally learning how to deal with my emotional pain, anxiety, and depression.

I feel for the folks who are dealing with physical pain. I know my dad is one of those people, and I know he had been treated like an addict by pharmacists in the past as well.

I know the post is from over a year ago, but the best advice I can give to anyone is what both my dad and I did. Find a locally owned pharmacy, and build a trusting relationship with your pharmacist. These major pharmacies are not just dealing with DEA rules, but they are dealing with corporate rules as well.

Anyway, best of luck to you. I hope you've found a solution that works well for you and that you have remained in good health.


Walgreens did the same thing to me last year. My pain management office now tells all their patients not to use Walgreens pharmacies.

I am actually doing better and was in the middle of reducing and weaning off my meds when Walgreens refused my legit scripts. They didn't care about my condition or about how my doctor and I are slowing reducing my medication to see if I can get completely off of the medications I've been on for 16 years. I have never been treated more rudely by anyone than the pharmacist at Walgreens.

People who are on pain meds can die from withdrawals if they are without their meds too long. I don't wish anyone to die but if it does happen I hope someone takes Walgreens to court for murder.


Thanks for your comment. Just like your dr.

office has suggested about not going to Walgreens for any scripts, my has posted the same on the wall in their waiting room for all to see. Hope Walgreens will feel the ramifications of their employees actions. Also good luck with your treatment.

I hope that you are successful with going off the meds you are able to eliminate from your treatment. Thanks Stacy


believe me if the pharmacist or any family member of his/her they will surely get the medication they need. it is you the non medical person that gets screwed out of what you need.

Walgreens not only had internal thieft of controlled substances but they were filling so many pain medications in florida they had to stop filling them according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).


Thanks for your comment. I had no idea about the situation in Fla.

between Walgreens and DEA. Makes you wonder though that when needing to send a love one for treatment in dealing with an addiction, Fla. is the top state for treatment centers. Guess where there is smoke there is fire.

I feel sad for all those who are in need of CDS meds that they may find it difficult because of WALGREENS and DRS. who abuse their position.


Yes, I have been there with Walgreens. I feel like they enjoy humiliating people who are on certain prescriptions.

They act like I am committing prescription fraud when I, like you, have a valid prescription, have never "run out" before my allotted time and I do not misuse my prescriptions. Its bad enough we have these problems that call for prescriptions to be taken every day just to make it through to the next. I hate the Walgreens pharmacy, they ALWAYS make me feel like a criminal and are always sure to embarrass me in front of other customers. I am sorry you have to deal with them but I am mostly sorry for all of the pain you must have to live with after so many surgeries.

I hope some day you may be able to have a good, pain free moment.


What the pharmacist did was a blatant hippa violation .Contact an attorney. No healthcare worker is allowed to discuss your health information wether it be in private or yelling it in the pharmacy. Your business is your business


That is so true it is a hippa violation.You should contact a attorney asap.Also get emotional distress for making you embarrassed and yelling your private business for every one in earshot to hear.If more people would do this walgreens can be taken to task.They need to learn somehow and sometimes the only way to teach them is to take their money.


Thanks for your comment I just wrote a reply to the comment above yours that you hit upon in your comment. Thanks Again Stacy


Thanks for your comment. I really never thought of what you suggested.

You are right it is a violation of the privacy laws the pharmacist should of known better to break. It is a suggestion I will look into though.

Lol a lot better than what I was thinking.

It was hard to remain a "Lady" and hold my tongue, but I think I was just so shocked and mortified that I just walked out of the store. Thanks Stacy


Thanks for your comment and your kind words. I have learn to be happy for what I have and even happier for what I don't have.

I volunteer and help out a lot of people in my area who are much worse off then I. It helps me remember that life could hand me worse things to live with than physical pain.

I hope that you find peace with the things you too are dealing with in your life. Take Care Stacy