Went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. The pharmacy staff was friendly and helpful, as usual.

However, paying for my prescriptions is soooooo annoying. Way too many questions and buttons to have to use on the pinpad. Then, making an impulse purchanse of some gum and magazines on the way out, I was again having to go through the never-ending process of checking out. The cards (rewards, wcard) and questions you have to answer, and I paid cash!!!

Walgreens, until you make the check-out process easier, faster and more customer friendly, I will transfer my scripts and business to Target. And the fact that there is usually no one up at the front, and you have to roam the depts. looking for a cashier??? That's another gripe for another day.

Walgreens, you are too exhausting of a shopping experience to continue with. Although I will miss the experience and friendliness of the pharmacy.

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Slow and smell the roses!

to Anonymous #1353751

Slow down and smell the roses


please please tell corporate! employes and fellow costumers will thank you for it.

just make sure to use correct wording. dont swear. i know the 'complaints' that swear and sound like a kid get rejected. but than again a lot of the questions are because people want to pay all different way.

it use to be a screen for choosing between debit and credit. than a no screen to chose. (so if your card was debit and you swiped it, it would run as debit even if you wanted it credit {people didnt notice even when putting in their pin that it was going as debit -_-}. and visa verse).

and now its put pin in or push credit. (which i like that screen.) But remember that if using debit you have to go thru those questions (ie do you want cash back) if you dont want then use credit. because the main reason of debit is to TAKE money out (its NOT a check book). also the fail safe "correct amount?" is there for your protection.

years ago "clerks" would put a different amount in and the costumer wouldnt know. (how many of us grab a receipt when asked?) or you thought something was a different price. (happens to every one) so most places ask 3 questions for debit. 2 for credit and 0 for cash.

pick which one you want and continue on. the only extra one they ask is for donations. (which i really hate. i dont mind them verbally asking me.

i just feel they get money for it) good luck. you are not the only one complaining about it.

every "survey" i do i make sure i put it in. :)

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