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this happened to me a few days back i would always enter a Walgreens Pharmacy close by my job and one of the employees would always ask me to leave my purse on the floor so i wouldn't just want to leave my purse on the floor with anyone so i would walk away of the situation but today i went inside the store ant the same lady asked me the same thing i told her the same thing im guessing because there is a high school a few blocks away she tells me that but i told her that i that i don't go to high school she insisted so i showed her that i had graduated high school two years ago but i showed her my high school senior ID which it says i graduated two years ago 2009-2010 she told me that is not an identification i didn't had my ID so i insisted in talking to the manager since i felt really offended by the lady. when the manager came he told me that If i didn't like it i could leave i felt really discriminated by the manager and the lady they literally accused me as thief which that's something ill never do all that was on Tuesday...

on wendsday i went to the same walgreens to buy some thing i need it and the same lady pointed fingers at me saying i couldn't go inside without showing my id i spoke to the manager again and he supposedly wasn't aware of what had happened the days before who ever i spoke to the day before wasn't the manager i believe.

the lady also told me that what a coincidence that i always go at the same time i really think she has no right to tell me at what time i should or i shouldn't go.. that's very unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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This Walgreens sounds like it is in the ghetto and has had massive amounts of shoplifting and now is trying to control it by stopping the derelict hoodlums from entering the store, or at least making it difficult for them to do so. You probably look you enough and perhaps dress like a typical hoodlum, in which case they are going to be suspicious of you.

My suggestion is to not shop there. You do NOT have a right to shop at a Walgreens.

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