Independence, Missouri
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Yes, I admit i'm not the most in shape of people but I've never failed a health exam and I'm still considered healthy for my height and size. However, I was told I failed because I had gotten sick twice because of conditioning in a gym that wasn't air conditioned, I get leg cramps (probably due to my lack of eating potassium rich foods), and that I considered myself out of shape compared to my peers. Not only was this woman hostile as soon as she saw that I had marked 'yes' to 3 columns, but also comes off as more concerned about pushing papers through than using the common sense to look at a patients concerns.

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Soooooo... Were you there for a physical?

Or were you there to talk about your concerns?

Because you can talk all you want, but the bottom line is, your state of health (or lack thereof) caused you to fail your sports physical. Boo boo.

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