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I have been on the same prescriptions for years, I have to go back and forth from LA to AL. I grew up in AL but am coming back due to my mother having cancer.

The pharmacist at Bob Wallace location refuses to fill my clonazepam because he says hes not comfortable, and my pain meds he will not fill until after the 30 days. Everyone know you can not do that to someone who has had to take them for years.

I have been humiliated too many times and been left in serious pain and withdraws for 3 months.

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Since I have written this complaint I have realized I should have said a few things a little different. By no means are prescription drugs harmless,some are needed life or death, some are miserable and some make you not miserable.

Im not saying in anyway that a narcotic should be filled too early and people who are on them should have regulations. I'm in the position I am in due to a monthly injection of another drug from my doctor. I am unable to help or change my position all I can do is keep it under control and keep going threw therapy. Last year alone I had 3 surgeries.

My complaint was about a pharmacist at Walgreens who has refused to cover numerous prescriptions or lied to me saying they were not covered and they were not all narcotics. As a matter of fact when I went to pick up my medicine just today I was told to wait, no problem until I realized what he was doing, right when they got busy I was called to the register to pay for my medicine. No issues it was actually past 30 days, the guy who is always so rude locked my account so I could not get any prescriptions without him unlocking it or whatever. He caused a scene and He did this in front of everyone for no reason.

I was humiliated. It's bad enough I have to take what I do. I choose to keep it between my doctor my family and me, Not the entire world. Him doing that was unnecessary and just wrong.

This is what Walgreens is known for. Start looking into it and you will see. I'm not abusing my medicine, I'm taking as prescribed or less.

I do not deserve to be treated like some crackhead needing a fix. I want to be alive I want to be with my family and friends and I want to be able to go on a long walk with my dogs without dropping and having to call for help.


I understand completely, over the last year I have had numerous problems filling a prescription for codeine with aspirin causing me to supplement with 2 to 3 times the amount of Tylenol and Ibuprofen recommended. Therefore putting my health at risk of liver failure.

I have chronic headaches migraine cluster and fibromyalgia as well as lingering effects from Lyme Disease which causes widespread pain. I wake with a headache every morning. I suffered until my forties until being put on this medication some ten years ago. In the last year I switch Pharmacies from CVS to Walgreens because of an overzealous Pharmacist who refused refills and to fill a new prescription written by my doctor.

I now find myself with the problem of not knowing how much the dollar amount will be from month to month with increases over $100.00 and the medication always out of stock. I am now forced to have my prescription filled through the mail and plan for an early refill to allow for a 5 day mailings.

At least this Pharmacist has guaranteed a price $40.00 cheaper than Walgreens.

to Suffering Quietly No More #819993

I was wanting to look into getting them mailed to me when I get back home. When your out of town trying to fill anything it's a fight.

CVS would not even fill my prescriptions even when my doctor called. That's what's going on with this location though. They have a pharmacist there, not the manager, who treats everyone like *** but when the manager is there he is sweet and apologizes. I don't understand why he can't stop it.

I have spoken with 9 people in my neighborhood and family who refuse to go there because of that and this form Walgreens has to fill out to fill a pain medication as well as others.

Glad I'm not the only one though. Thanks

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #819927

Oh lordie druggy mc pill popper isnt getting their fix owwwhhh lorde its a fire

to stahpdrugs #819929

Say what you will but if you were in pain everyday of your life waking up screaming, falling, unable to drive because you can not sit in a vehicle for more than a few minutes you would understand.If you had had your bones scraping every time you lift your legs to the point you can hear it then say something. Of course after being on them for a period of time there is addiction and yea it sucks but the pain is far worse.

Thank you for sharing your opinion, I see you have a lot of time on your hands as well as I do.

Guessing there must be something wrong for you to be on here too huh. Have a good day and thanks again.

to AJ #820001

AJ See my reply under "Suffering Quietly No More" these medications should be seen like every other medication without prejudice and ignorance.

to Suffering Quietly No More #820011

Agreed completely.

to Suffering Quietly No More #820832

That's ridiculous. The law states that these drugs can't be treated like every other medication due to the physical dependence they cause. Trying to imply that refilling your Fiorinal with codeine is the same as someone's diabetes medication is just ***.

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