Aubrey, Texas

I went to 2 rite aids, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, vons, mission, family, memorial hospital pharmacy, & one other that I didn't bother noticing it's name. I live in Long Beach CA.

I am 63 yrs old and in so much pain I wanna die! I have been in contact with the Calif. Pharmacy board, some pharmaceutical companies via emails and have not heard back from anyone. In CA.

Pharmacies have right to deny filling prescriptions by law; but I can't understand why Atlantic pharmacy would fill my prescription for months & then suddenly without notice hand me back my prescription and tell me to take it to my doctor and tell him to change my medication when the medication I have been taking works! Somebody needs to help people such as myself.

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You might want to die, but there isn't any such word as "wanna." I am 73 years old and my spine has been full of arthritis for about 35 years, plus I have diabetic neuropathy, two bad shoulders and a bad knee and I don't take any pain medication because I have seen too many people on pain medication that don't act like themselves. I taught myself to do self hypnosis and that does work, sometimes I have to take an over the counter pain medication.

When I told my doctor I didn't want pain medication she agreed with me, because of all the other medications I am on.

to anonymous #771948

73 and active on pissedconsumer good for you. Not sure what you have to do with the poster your isses are not his issues why would you tell your life story of issue as if they RELATE.

No clue why somepeople think they have a right to tell others how they manage to live WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR NONSENSE. The poster manages fine with his perscribe meds.


I have also seen some people that can tolerate RADIATION some can not without BARF BAGS AND PAIN MEDS should we tell them SORRY patient over there can tolerate it GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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