Wilmington, North Carolina
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I was at the Walgreens location at 4501, Market St, Wilmington, NC to purchase teeth whitener and was constantly followed by the management staff of the store. I was not used to this kind of profiling.

Iam from TX and is was my 3rd day in NC. Thoroughly dissapointed someone would blatantly follow a paying customer who has done nothing wrong and just because of their color of their skin. I am vey disappointed the fact the management would treat someone based on the color of the skin.

I will not shop at another Walgreens ever again . Although I never experienced this kind of treatment anywhere else.

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Oh please! Here we go with the race card.

No one cares what color your skin is! White Strips are extremely expensive and a high end item. If they don't know you, if you're carrying a large bag or even another shopping bag, you're going to be watched. They don't have a crystal ball that says "THIS IS A PAYING CUSTOMER.




Here comes all the clans and the bigots supporting each other. They all come out from under the rocks when their own race called upon.

Not a signgle person of color supporting this man who has experienced it. I am so assahamed that all of you support bigogotry. Look at the history of Wilmington NC.

It was a clans land who deliberately killed many blacks in the 1800s. I am sure you ***n whites who supports bigotry may support this poor man being followed and harrased.


Well the manager could be following you because you are black or it could be another reason. Don't automatically think it is because you are black.

The people posting comments on this review are not only management of the store you were at, you know this but are only saying this to make yourself feel better. In fact I doubt the management in that Walgreens even posted or management in any Walgreens posted here.

You are just stating this as I said to make yourself feel better. Deep down you know that this is not true, just like you know that there is only a slight possibility that this is race motivated.

Now if you excuse me I have to check on my reviews.


I am very surprised that the management of Walgreens including the store manager are the only ones responding to and defending this concern. May be they need to defend their racial and biased motive. :(


I am surprised that they allow children to comment on this site. Only a child would believe that because someone defends a company for a foolish and silly complaint about racism that they are the people involved in the racism. This not only makes the complaint invalid but makes the OP who is pretending to be other people defending her look foolish.


Oh did someone hurt the OP's feelings because they called her a racist. It is a shame you cannot take what you dish.

Yeah, are all the store manager of that particular Walgreens, they manage stores all over US like Montana, Missouri, and even Ontario,(which is strange considering Canada does not have any Walgreens. If you want to believe that everyone who posted works for Walgreens and are racist that is fine, however your feelings were obviously hurt when you were accused of racism.

Guess this person cannot take what she gives. She cannot defend herself properly so she accuses everyone of being racist.


The real racist person is you You assume that just because the manager is white that he is racist. That itself is racism.

@the real racist is you

That's right. Reverse racism.


I doubt skin color had anything to do with it. However, playing the race card is always easier than admitting you deserved to be watched.


It is always the "color of your skin" with you people isn't it. Seriously the race card is getting old and boring.

@color of skin

It may be boring to you. But race profiling is real and live and practiced by folks like youself :(


First of all before you go around jumping to conclusions I don't profile people based on their race. GROW UP and stop using the race card when you don't get your way.

I assume you are a child if you believe you are being racially profiled.


It is also practiced by people like you. There must have been lots of reasons why this person was following you around, but you automatically aSSume it is because you are black.

Then you falsely accuse others of being involved in the incident. GROW UP. These people simply told you it was not a race issue, you then called them racists because they disagreed with you. This makes your cry of racism less valid.

I agree that the poster from Missouri is racist, but the others telling you that this is not a race issue, I seriously doubt they are Walgreen managers or racist. Everything is racist to you. Someone disagrees with you it is because you are black.

Ever thought it is not about skin color but your attitude and that you are wrong. No because if anyone accuses you of being wrong they are racist.


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Of course this was racism. There must have been something in the way you were acting that made them suspicious, that is if this actually happened.