Never had any problem with WALGREENS (California, Maryland, Florida, and New Jersey). They have an excellent customer service, excellent staff and always made your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

Walgreens offers 3 easy ways to manage your prescriptions; online, by phone or with our free Auto-fill service.

I am disabled and refilling prescriptions online made my pharmacy refills easy and convenient. Also convenient refills made even easier from the comfort of your home or on the road and a touch-tone phone.

Overall experienced I am very pleased with these store locations: WALGREENS (California, Maryland, Florida, and New Jersey).

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I love the BULL*** button too!

Fair Oaks, California, United States #642850

I like the part where they just love Walgreens service in 4 different states. And the part where they like "OUR free Auto Fill service"

I'm assuming this is someone like LadyScot who for some reason feels the need to cheerlead (or pimp) for Walgreens. Perhaps it's due to all the negative posts they've been receiving here, or the lawsuits they've been hammered with...


Uh, you do realize this website is called "pissedconsumer" right?

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