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Walgreens, why do you permit purchases of non pharmacy related items at the pharmacy? I picked up my meds today and there were 9 people in line.

The guy at the head of the line had an entire grocery cart filled. One cashier at the pharmacy and she had to ring up and bag 8 bags of items through the protective plexiglass shield. Soda, motor oil, furnace filter, chips. Come on, really?

Happens all the damn time. I worked all day and was waiting in line for one med with a credit card on file, others waiting and waiting for flu shots. Make them go to the front on the store to buy a cart load of grocery items. On top of that, the cashier checked him out then took 4 cars in the drive through.

Im hating this place. Quarry Lake, Baltimore

Preferred solution: Limit grocery and other non pharmacy items from the store at the pharmacy .

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I can appreciate your frustration. I am a pharmacist, not at Walgreens.

Here’s how this plays out.

You complain to Walgreens, they will look into it and send you a gift card, the company will then contact the store and reprimand the pharmacist for not being in control of the situation. In other words they think he should have helped bag the order.