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This is a the Walgreens in Pierre, SD

Original review posted by user Jun 14, 2018

I worked at Walgreens for five years and I loved it and put my whole heart into my work. In the past few months our Manager left and two shift managers took charge.

Since then things have changed for the worst and just lately I could tell that these two rude shift managers we trying their hardest to get rid of me by sutly putting me down. At last they cut down my hrs to zilch. I decided to put in my two week notice and when I did the shift managers was smiling and looked glad. She never even asked me why!

So I got my stuff and left. I just cant believe that they did this, I have been such a good employee for all of these years. I feel like after all of these years that they should show appreciation instead I feel that I got a kick in the butt!

I will never step inside of a Walgreens again. I'm very hurt.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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You did the right thing, I would have left too!


Well let me call you a waaaahhhhhmbulance!


You were not told the truth! Some people will say anything to cover up for themselves when they are in the wrong


Well, you are "hurt" and we suffer with you. Time to move on and find another job where you won't be so "hurt."