Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I went to the Walgreens today at 1pm and they asked for my ID to purchase a money pak. I let them know I purchase one all the time and they never ask. Needless to say I did not purchase one and left the store. Why would they need my id?

Chanta Blakely

Baltimore Md 21201

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Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Precisely the answers I anticipated , now to invite my lawyer to accompany me , video tape my targeted transaction of a recorded I.D. theft at the smokeshop where I buy tobacco at for my 73 years young companion .. I can foresee no reason to hire a rocket scientist ..


I just tried to but a pack of smokes in walgreens and employee scanned my id. She didnt tell me she was going to do it beforehand either.

She assured me that the date of birth is the only data they save. BS! Walgreens does NOT have the technology to only grab one piece of data off of my id. My inquiring about this was met with an attitude .

Either walgreens doesnt trust their employees to card people or they are gathering data on me. I think it is the latter. Their 'rewards card doesnt gather enough data on me apparently. I dont like retailers using this method to track purchases either.

Walgreens just lost my business. I will never walk into that store ever again.

Ive always felt that walgreens employees were unhappy and as a result; usually rude anyways but have just put up with it. The atmosphere is 'off'.


The clerk wanted to see my ID i am obviously well over 40 I didn’t know she’s was going to scan my id or I wouldn’t have let her. I will not shop at walgreens again


Hace algunos dias fui a Walgreens Nw 27 ave opa-locka Fl....por un Money pack... la cajera me pedía mi tarjeta debito,mi licencia,el money pack con el dinero de la recarga,para hacer ella la recarga a mí tarjeta desde alli!

con extrañeza yo le facilite mi licencia,acto seguido me pidió mi tarjeta débito y el Money pack con el efectivo,con desconfianza se la di,y empezó a meterse en el sistema, le quite mi tarjeta y le dije que yo no necesitaba que ella me hiciera la recarga.que eso lo debía hacer yo!! Fue cuando me dijo que necesitaba introducir los datos de mi licencia por la compra del green dot Money pack,a lo que me negué!!! por que ellos tienen que registrar los datos de mi licencia en su sistema???ES UN ABUSO,MAS BIEN SON ELLOS LOS FRAUDULENTOS CON ESTE PROCEDER,DESDE CUANDO WALGREENS SE ENCARGA DE HACER TUS RECARGAS POR TI ,OBTENIENDO ASI MI NUMERO DE TARJETA Y TODOS MIS DATOS Y LA DE TODOS LOS CLIENTES???ES ESO LEGAL???..... No no es!!!

esto es solo política estúpida de walgreens!!! no tienen ningún acuerdo ni con green dot ni con el gobierno,se toman atribuciones que no les corresponde para tal abuso,de querer escanear a las personas y sus identificaciones y obtener sus datos!!! No me da la gana que Walgreens tenga mi número de tarjeta ni mis datos!!! y por qué quien me asegura a mí que Walgreens da fe,se responsabiliza y responde por sus empleados ????

yo no conozco al cajero!! siempre estoy viendo caras nuevas!! nunca son los mismos!!! que alguien me diga por qué yo he de confiar en el cajero de Walgreens???

los robos de identidad y los fraudes se cometen por qué otras personas obtuvieron tus datos,pues bien estas personas detrás de una caja registradora,un mostrador,todos aquellos de "SERVICIO AL CLIENTE"obtienen tus datos de manera"Legal" pero que tú nunca sabes lo que hacen después con esos datos, más aún cuando ya no traban para Walgreens!! Soy una mujer de 64 años,que llevaba 50 años comprando en Walgreens.....Walgreens has perdido otra cliente pues soy yo la que desconfío de ti Walgreens, de tus cajeros y de tu "buena voluntad"para con el fraude, pues con esto estas emponderando a tus cajeros dandoles a ellos acceso a los datos de tus clientes.....que malo! no volveré nunca a Walgreens,sobran Walmart,7eleven,etc.donde comprar el money pack!!y sobran Walmart para lo demás.que dicho sea de paso,es más grande y los precios más baratos!!pero tú Walgreens no volverás a obtener un penny siquiera de mi dinero!!

pues soy yo la que desconfío ahora de tu"nueva política" de tus cajeros y de tu atención al cliente!! HAZTA NUNCA!!








I went into Walgreens on Bennett and ross ave. in dallas texas 10/28/2018 to purchase a pack of cigarettes, I have been shopping at that store for 6 years and not one time have I been asked for my id.

I showed the cashier my id she was a young Spanish girl I am just saying this to prove this happened and who the employee was for a description. She reached toward me and was trying to take my id out of my hand?? I pulled my hand back and said you do not need to hold my id I have it right here and I am showing it to you. She said I have to scan it in our computer system before I sell you a pack of cigarettes and I said I have been coming here for years and I have shown you my id you don't need it to scan into a computer.

she said not only do I have to scan it but I have to type your birthday in. I understand maybe he birthday part but your not going to scan it and she put the cigarettes to the right side of the register and said i am not going to sell them to you then?? I asked to speak to her manager and he came up he was a young black guy and I am only saying that because I am describing the individual for records purposes. I told him she wouldn't sell me a pack of cigarettes and I didn't know why because I showed her my id and I showed him my id and then he said whats the problem I said she said she had to scan it I then informed him I had been a customer there and had a walgreens card and that there was no reason for her to scan my id for me to buy cigarettes he said sorry we cant sell them to you unless we can scan your id???

he said it was company policy. I was upset and said I have been a customer all my life just at that location for 6 years and never heard of such a thing he said well things change. I said this is criminal and left. I know they don't use this procedure on everyone that shops there and that is discriminating and its a deceptive trade practice to gain private info.

There is no law that says you cant buy cigarettes if they cant scan your id.

I took a picture of what the store said about id's and the store had a sign that said you have to show id to purchase cigarettes and that is all the sign said, I showed my id doing exactly what the sign said??? so they should have sold me cigarettes.


Never mind the Greendot for lots of money, I tried to buy two packs of cigarettes today and was informed I had to hand over my drivers for scanning..... For a $14 cash payment.....? Told them they were perfectly welcome to view my ID to ensure I was over 21 (I'm 60) but they were not putting me in their system.....left, went across the road to a garage, paid the same and no scanning required.....Goodbye Walgreens....Never again.....!


Maybe they thought that you had the disease that the character that Brad Played in "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" where he starts out being born as an old man and then gradually becomes younger until at the end of the movie he is an infant again. Me, I'm flattered when they card me and tell me that I look awfully young and that I have a Baby Face.


They ask me for ID, I tell they **** off. I'll never buy from walgreen again!!


Walgreens is the only store that does that. Walgreens told me they needed to scan my ID to keep track of how much money i load on my greendot when I asked them why they need to scan my ID & i left cause that's none of their *** business & they have no association with greendot which leaves walgreens with no authority to do that & it is invasion of privacy.

Only greendot company has the authority to keep track of how much money u load on greendot.

Which they do without ur ID & u not knowing. I go to lots of other stores now to load my greendot without my ID & i will never go to walgreens again


Well you're a *** *** for buying Moneypak. Probably to "pay those FBI fines so I can unlock my computer." Its 2015 go get a paypal.


You need to verify my identity for purchasing a greendot moneypak? Okay, fine, here's my loaded assault rifle aimed at your head.

Does THAT verify my identity?

Our forefathers would be shooting by now.


Be sure to send me a letter from prison.


I just made an online complaint at for privacy violation. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with them over the last 20 years. I let them know I will never set foot in a Wallgreens again.


same here


anti money laundering is what is about. But I proud that you didn't turn your I'd over to them. Are they trying to say that all of is money laundering?!


Because of drug money laundering. Its so if they see a pattern inyour spending they can come knock on your door.

The governemnt monkeys are intrusive.

They want to know if people are biying drugs and sending money to online casinos as well. Has nothing to do with being a scam victim, its just about the governemnt *** wanting to know all of your business.


Perhaps that is why she refused to go through with the purchase because she had something to hide. If this person had nothing to hide then they would to through with the money pack purchase. Perhaps this person has something to hide, it is because of people like her they make these rules.