Vinings, Georgia
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I was getting ready to go out of the country for 6 months and needed more contacts before I left. I placed an order over the phone bc I had a 20% off coupon.

I called them like 5 days after I placed the order bc I hadn't gotten an email or phone call or anything. The woman on the phone, which I believe they are paying less than minimum wage bc they all talk to you like they have a serious learning disability or didn't graduate high school, proceeded to tell me that bc the office said that my prescription was up at the end of the month that they cancelled my order! I have a presc date and it was 3 weeks prior to that. No phone call, no email and a prescription for a year is just that.

So I almost had to go out of the country without any contact lenses and I was on my last pair. So I called 1 800 Contacts and within 5 minutes ordered my contacts and even received a rebate at the end. The Wonderful gentlemen that helped me was fast, knowledgeable, spoke clearly and even told me that if my prescrition changed that they would exchange them out for me!!!! Don't bother with Walgreens.

They are Horrible!!!! Forget the coupon, it's not worth the hassel!

Not to mention that they took almost an hour with my order with them!!!!! Call 1 800 Contacts or probably any other legit contact co.

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