he always got his medications from walgreens

and now for two months they said that he don't meet the 12 point check list they only given pain medications out to who really need them there are not a doctor and this man is suffering because of them they are making my life a living *** this man his in pain i have to rude around every day when get off from work too other drug store to see if they can fill his medications for him this is crazy bruning up my gas i dont have money for like that we need some help out here

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have you contacted the state board of pharmacy? Have you filled out an ADA complaint form Have you contacted the Medical Licensing board?

Have you filled out a Hippa complaint form? you need to fill out all these forms in order to hold these pharmacist responsible

to Anonymous #902137

what is said is that they wont...


Some pharmacists are doctors, if not all of them. I have a hunch there is more to the story than you are telling or that maybe even know.

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