Memphis, Tennessee

i used to work their in memphis all i can say is a money grubbing company its really not about the business of making money and providing a good product but convincing people to buy stuff they really dont need lying to the customer and giving the customer a hard time thats what we are trained to do no they dont care about you customer they care about your wallet thats what is important and yes they do expect you to pay for poor service and quite frankly if you continue to shop there you deserve it i hate the company as a whole i hate what they stand for greed they are open 365 days a year every holiday like there employees dont have a life

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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Maybe you shouldn't have gone to work in retail then? :roll


I used to be a walgreen's employee in Henderson, NV, and let me tell you: No matter what I did, my boss hated my guts. I was the cashier who got the most donations, and the best seller, all of the customers that came through my line loved me and told him what an amazing employee I was, and also I HELPED catch criminals that were terrizing walgreens around the city with stolen credit cards, but none of this made my boss happy.

I frequently got yelled at and given the *** shifts and when I asked him for specific days off so I can go to classes (I'm in college) he said (and I quote) "You need to schedule school around work, not work around school".

That was the final straw, so I quit and the store actually went down in sales and 90% of the people that I worked with followed me in quitting.

Bob Thacker is a tool.


Well, perhaps you should have called Corporate instead of getting on here and putting his name on this page. I notice you've not put your own name down.

We're getting one side of the story here. The store sales went down 90% after you left? Are you kidding me? :roll :grin Sorry, but I smell BS here and I have a very hard time believing that other store employees followed you and quit as well.

We all have bills to pay and I've never seen that happen anywhere I've worked. You had the chance to make a corporate complaint if you weren't happy with your manager. Don't get on here and whine about it if you didn't take those steps. Be professional and don't go calling people names like that.

Grow up, build a bridge and get over it. :cry


I doubt this person is whining about the pharmacy aspect of the store. You can tell from their style of typing (and if I'm proven wrong, I'll shoot myself).

This is the story of some cashier, beauty or photo employee who felt like they were pushed too far. They wearn't offered the most recent promotion, or they were refused Thanksgiving or something off because someone in their department managed to request the time off before them.

Now they want to come to us like some kind of retail Veteran who has seen the worst and is out there to tell all the world so that their revenge will make them feel better about their recent firing or quitting.

My money goes on fired. : )


Yeah. Probably fired, from the looks of that babble. Lol.


I agree with Tasha. Your writing ability indicates you probably could not handle many aspects of the job.

Secondly, pharmacies provide a valued service.

I had a family member that required emergency care one Christmas Eve.

I had to fill a prescription at 11:00 pm that night. I didn't want to spend Christmas Eve in the ER and at Wal-greens either.


You sound like a bitter competitor.


I agree with cohena2 8)