Sikeston, Missouri

Tthe manager accused me of stealing and kicked of the propiety with no eidence. i offerd a search of my person and car but nothing was found becouse i stole nothing.

walgreens needs to look into this. the manager tryed acting like he was some kind of tuff guy. i think the manager needs to be firerd. i dont know what the police is for this kind of thing.

Im sure the propber action was not that the man didnt find anything and couldnt even say he was wrong. the vincennes walgreens needs to fire its manager if they want my busniess again

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #761516

Good God where did you learn to spell??? I'm sure they're just gonna fire the manager so you'll come back in the store.

Learn English and then try again. :grin :roll Oh and get those delusions of grandeur evaluated too, Dude :x

Dallas, Texas, United States #653915

Jesus Christ a f u ck ing dictionary you no spelling dum bass.

to Blake Brooklyn, New York, United States #761517

LOL well said! :grin

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