Sebastian, Florida

I went to pick-up Rx the pharm.clerk searched through 5 different bins and was unable to find it. She then went to phamacist and still could not locate it..

I remarked that it appears that you are disorganized. She said no we're not. The pharm. mgr said that that was an unkind thing to say.

I asked if she apoke any other language and she said"I only speak English" I asked her a question in English and she was unable to respond. The Pharmacist tried to diffuse the situation until a young man who claimed to be the store manager became involved. The situation rapidly deteriorated with some help- from me into me being expelled from the store and that I was never to return under penalty of arrest!! Please tell me how do you provide good customer service??

I may never return to your store and will tell everyone that I know how I was treated by Walgreen's.... I expect that cooler heads will prevail....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do you think that you are threatening them by saying you may never go back? They had already banned you, so of course you won't go back, unless you want to be arrested...


Your's astonishing...


When are people going to realize you can't go into stores and treat the employees badly? You will not be tolerated!


I love my Walgreens in the Ensley Fla.Maybe the lady or what ever she was.was a ***.William