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I went in to buy some toothpaste and hand sanitizer.  There was a special on the toothpaste.

 Two tubes for 3.29.  I thought good deal.  When purchase was rung up, it came to 10 bucks.  I said, "Wait a minute, we have a problem."  The cashier did her research and as soon as she agreed with me, that's when the problems started.

 I stood on the 3rd floor for 6 minutes while she paged a manager (6 minutes feels like and eternity when you're not doing anything but standing).  Then she had the nerve to tell me to go to the second floor because there were four mangers managers there.  What?  Why were there FOUR managers on the second floor and why couldn't one of them come up to the 3rd floor?

 Ok, so I go down to the second floor.  Where are these 4 managers?  I don't see them.  I go to the cash register and cashier starts paging managers again!

 I said,"Look just cancel the charge, I have to go to work."  She said, "We need a manger."  I felt like I was in a catch 22  She pages one, another 6 minutes wasted.  Now I'm ready to swallow my tongue. I think to myself, self if they send me down to the 1st floor, we're going to have problems.  Finally, a manager shows up at the register. I tell my story.

I get my refund.  I run screaming out of there (in my mind).

  I ask you, is the definition of customer service? I think not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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where is this wallgreens with three floors? Thats huge


A pharmacist @ wall greens in Houston refused to dispense medication to me twice in 6 months.medicine i needed was insulin ingections .even though i told her i need my insulin ingection she looked at me and said she doesn't feel like dispensing medicine to me .after i complained to wall greens management she was promoted. both times i was wearing united states air force shirt and had medical insurance.Her name is PARVISH PATEL she is from Pakistan and she is anti American.They need to remove her license and send her back to Pakistan where these kind of actions doesnot matter to customers

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