Saint Petersburg, Florida

I have tried three different locations for one-off meds I didn't want to bother running through my mail order pharmacy, and I swear the mail order would come in sooner than the in-store experiences! They tell you it will ready at x time and day b/c they are ssssoooo backed up, but not once has it been ready when promised!

One took 5 days as they messed up on the order & then forgot to process it when it came in via special order. Tonight I went to pick one up that was supposed to be ready yesterday afternoon, and no surpise it wasn't ready! I had to wait 30 mins with hacking customers who were also waiting. 3 strikes-they are OUT!

No apologies either. No more shopping at Walgreens for this household.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walgreens Cons: Customer service, Treat customers rudely, Loss of time.

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