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Walgreens stores have lost their Mind. BOYCOTT THEM .

My husband was going to Walgreens to buy 12 pack of Corona, snickers, eye drops for my daughter. He asked me to jump in the car and go with him for the ride to the corner store. We get to the register and my husband already had his ID and money in his hand and the cashier says “I need your wife’s ID “ Why do you need my wife’s ID I am the customer I showed you my ID and I am paying? I ask for the manager because this makes no sense.

Manager says that they must card everyone who walks in with me because I’m buying Alcohol! So If I walked in with a friend you going to ID them? If I walk in with little kids you going to ID them ? I told my wife to walk out .

Manager said he still won’t sell me the beer because we walked in together! He said even if I walk out of the store and come back in he still won’t sell me the beer because my wife didn’t show her ID ? I WALKED OUT !! I LEFT MY ITEMS ON THE COUNTER AND THEY HAVE LOST A REGULAR 10 YEAR CUSTOMER because of this dumb policy !

For the record we are in our 50’s and my wife left her bag home because I asked her to jump in the car . I checked the internet and see that this policy does exist and that Walgreen’s is losing vendors and customers and I see why!!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Policy Doesn T Make Sense
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Maybe you should take that as a cue to lay off of the sauce. And those Sneakers candy bars are very fattening. We wouldn't want your assets to become Super-Sized.


Maybe nobody needs to tell others what do. Just do everybody a favor and stay the f out of their business unless if you want someone to put you into your place and knock you out! It amazes me how come people like you thinking that is okay.


Body shaming others isn't cool. Let's see this happening to you and you're going to like it.

You're not going to like it. You're an bully.


Monetary Loss of $5000? Talk about greedy.


Poor poor little snowflake! The inequities of life!!

Now that you have had your pity party we can address your little issues. Firstly: ITS THE DAMN LAW!!!! You mouthbreather!! Or have you forgotten all the adults you had buy you beer when YOU were a teenager?

Second: ITS A AGE RESTRICTION PURCHASE!!! The computer in front of the cashier DOES NOT HAVE A CAMERA!!!! It can’t tell that you’re in your 50’s. It can ONLY ask for ID on a FEDERALLY RESTRICTED PURCHASE!!

Third: who the *** leaves the house without ID? That is a recipe for disaster! You are required BY LAW to carry your ID in ANY public setting. Don’t believe me, go look it up.

It’s on EVERY STATES BOOKS! And the federal government requires it as well. I feel perhaps that in your supposed 50 yrs you have NEVER worked retail. You have no idea of the fines that ALL parties have to pay, including the poor minimum wage employee.

In my state it’s $1500-$2500 just for the employee! And the employee loses their job right then and there! The store pays between $5000-$10000 and the parent company can be charged $25000-$50000 PER INSTANCE!! Trust me YOU won’t be paying any fines.

And there is the real issue. YOU get butthurt that you can’t make a purchase that is age restricted because your wife couldn’t be bothered to bring her ID. THAT isn’t the cashiers, stores, or companies fault. You chose to make a age restricted purchase.

They MUST follow the laws and policies set forth by both the federal government and the parent company they work for. To do ANYTHING else is to risk their job and YOU ARE NOT WORTH THAT! Either be smarter then the doorstop you walked over walking into the store or LEARN SOME NEW FACTS!! Like you have here.

FACT: you’re now educated as to the fines and fees that have to be paid if they screw up. Ask yourself this: would I want to pay any of those fines? If the answer is no then you realize that YOU were the unreasonable dbag lashing out. I’m personally glad you won’t be back.

I hope beyond hope that the law changes so clerks can use their better judgment. Until then be prepared to show your ID and every person that walked in with you. If you KNOW your going to buy an age restricted product then LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR!! It’s a simple question.

Do YOU have your ID? If they don’t then don’t let them walk with you. This is systemic! EVERYONE wants to avoid those fines.

Fun fact: when you lose your job because of a liquor or tobacco sting you don’t ever get another job selling any age restricted products. So every corporation that sells age restricted products has taken a zero tolerance approach. ID EVERYONE!! That way each and every restricted sale will show the appropriate ID was used and can be verified by both the receipt log and video.

It’s actually quite funny when you stop and look at YOUR actions. You threw a temper tantrum like a child because your wife was asked to be a adult. You now have hard facts to process. Facts that SHOULD show you the why of the situation.

I expect that you are going to do the usual losers lament that I MUST work for the company you are whining about. Sorry but no. But I have worked retail that involved selling age restricted items and have NEVER failed a sting. So my voice does come from a place of experience.

It’s on you however, to show that the facts presented to you have given you some understanding. Unfortunately I highly doubt you are either man enough or adult enough to admit that YOU were ever in the wrong. You owe both the clerk and the company a apology because YOU lashed out in IGNORANCE.

You have posted defamation willingly and with malice with no forethought of the consequence of your actions. Basically you acted like a dbag, posted your version of reality as truth and actively sought to cause them damage all because YOU were ignorant.


Get a life Durpa!


So at the beginning of this rant you are the wife, then suddenly you are the husband. And everyone is in their 50s but somebody is too stupid to bring their ID with them. Grow up, whichever spouse you are.


Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, can you help me understand, you see I went to bed with a woman, but I think I just woke up with a man.