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I have been prescribed pain medication from my pain healing physician who is considered an honorable outstanding doctor and community leader. So why does Walgreen's believe him to be prescribing pain medication like a pill dispenser?

I understand from my doctor's office that they spend as much time on a Walgreen's verification call as they do seeing a patient. Does Walgreen's believe it's assumption that doctors are mostly incompetent and a pharmacist has further education and would be able to evaluate my pain at a counter top? I receive the "hairy eyeball" each time I have dropped off a pain medication prescription. I am treated like a criminal with the looks and rudeness.

Perhaps if I had the ability to inflict my pain on these pharmacists, they would possibly understand. This so serious that Ii know of people who buy off the streets because they are in so much pain and cannot get their pain medication filled. Of course, if caught they will go to Federal prison. But isn't the base cause because they are forced to do criminal acts to get doctor prescribed medication and been refused as if Walgreen's was God?

Walgreen's is actually similar to genocide when they can deny a patient medication and know when this patient leaves, the patient will suffer. These patients are not criminals, they are fighting for the right to have some kind of life. Who does Walgreen's think they are when they can so cold-heatedly hold your prescription for days and not call only to have the patient come by to pick up what was promised and then be denied. I feel very strongly that Walgreen's National Directors and Executive should be incarcerated for allowing this to happen.

HAPPY AND HEALTHY MY PRIVY! It's closer to rejection and denial topped off with narcissism by this corporation. Narcissism meaning they are covering the 80 million dollar fine!

for their part in have corrupt pharmacists!!! Shame on you, Walgreen's!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: False advertisng.

Preferred solution: Form a petiton against Walgreen's and their cronies for pain and suffrering, degradation and accountabilty for thier direct involvement in creating desperation leading to Fedaral criminal acts by an oherwise upstanding person..

Walgreens Pros: Product variety.

Walgreens Cons: Pompous pharmaceutical staff.

  • Narcisistic Business Practices
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New Port Richey, Florida, United States #941121

My husband is retired Army. To think that the pain he suffers now is because of the intense military requirements he endured back in the day, serving his country, keeping Walgreens and Cvs prosperous and free, and now being treated like a criminal every month when he tries to get his pain medications filled. I just weep for him.


Any pharmacist that does more harm then good should lose the license for dispensing. Any pharmacy that is proven to deny dispensing pain meds by doctors need to be fined!!

Find a good local pharmacist that will treat you the with dignity and respect.


Walgreens is not the only pharmacy. Try others


yeah both doctors and pharmacists act like gods. thats because they are.

you die if they mess up. hence the god part. so they should keep questioning each other and you every step of the way.

i mean its your life...if they or you dont question you are dead. i like living maybe you do too?

to question #895425

Death doesn't frighten me. It's suffering that does......Disrespecting human beings and being paid for it is pretty annoying also, don't you think?

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States #894996

Makes me sick... Who the *** is the government to dictate our health, and how dare a bunch of idiots in suits determine how much, when and when to level up and label someone.

Cant really blame the pharmacy.. blame your legislators

to Dee #895418

Please look up the "secret" God Faith protocol Walgreen's has as a policy. It's not the's getting their own pharmacists caught dispensing pain medication illegally, sir.

I find that blaming the government is an easy answer. No disrespect.

But this is their decision not the government. Thank you for your reply.

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