Ringgold, Georgia

I went in to the Ringgold Georgia location for some Gillette Fusion replacement blades and a can of Axe body spray. The sign in front of the blades read $17.49 each for a pack of 8 with card and I had no card.

The regular price was not on the shelf and I thought there can't be that much of a difference so I went to check out thinking the 2 items was no more than $25.00. Well the cashier rang it up and my total was $39.43. I asked her why I was being penalized for being their customer. I left the products on the counter and drove to Dollar General and purchased the same 2 Items for less than $25.00.

I will never step inside another Walgreens ever.

you have lost a customer and I would consider the way this company does business as I plan to tell everyone I know what happened. This is nothing more than price gouging and a customer should not have to carry a *** card around in their back pocket just so they are a preferred customer, It should be for all customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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When you get a walgreens card just give fake info.That way you cant get hacked or tracked.I do it all the time way to get sale prices and keep your idenity safe.


I agree,

"I will never step inside another Walgreens ever."

Oh that is a threat, without your service this will put them out of business.


The rewards card is really easy to sign up for. It's free and it literally takes less than a minute to sign up. No sympathy for you.


Yes, it is easy to sign up for.... But you are trading data mining for a discount.

No sympathy for you, since you sell your information to companies.


1. It's a really, really common thing to do in stores now that you only get the sales if you have the card.

2. The card IS for all customers, you apply for it in the store and literally anyone can get it.

3. If you'd bothered to ask you'd know that the card is free, takes like 30 seconds to sign up for, and you don't have to carry it around--you just need to type in your phone number.


It may be common, only because nobody reads that they are trading the company tracking their buying habits etc...

Building a profile of you.... just buy a pregnancy test, then start buying some vitamins and see how fast you get formula offers, diaper offers bottle offers etc in the mail.

Amazing how many people will agree to give a retailer their mobile number, and track all their purchases with retailers.



Balance Rewards is a free program which gets you all the savings in the store, you earn points on featured items, and can use those points as cash off your purchases. A card is not required to be carried, and we can sign you up as a cardless member.

Every sale price will be tagged "With Card" and you'll find our Balance Rewards points deals on our blue tags and in our weekly circular.

This program will be reaching it's 1-year anniversary in September.

You can sign up in-store, online, or through the Walgreens App. Thank you and be well.


I just looked on the WalMart web site and their 8 packs of Gillette Fusion replacement blades run from $31.00 to $35.00 and as a whole, from what I have seen Walgreen's has a tendency to be higher priced than WalMart.


If you get their weekly ad, you will see that the price for everything in it is with the rewards card, or whatever they call it. I don't agree with that, but that is their policy.


Yes, That brings up the other point...

Are they a public retailer, or are they trying to be a private club like sams club and Costco??

I'm NOT a member, but walgreens sends ads that are for members only to bulk addresses :( in the mail, also puts them in the newspaper... sending the to the PUBLIC, but the PUBLIC can not get the price listed in the flyer without Joining their club.

This practice is strictly so they can build consumer profiles....

Their sale prices are not worth the trade off in privacy... and should be AVOIDED PERIOD.

I Already pulled my prescription from Walgreens, and quite buying anything there.

I'm almost to the point, where I feel like putting all their mailings of sale offers in their parking lot so they can pick them up.... like everybody else does from their mailbox.


They are not trying to be a private club like Sams because you are not paying for their membership. It's free. You can either work within the specifications of the sale price, or not.