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Update by user Apr 27, 2016

I moved, changed pharmacies and am completely happy!!!

No thanks to Walgreens. They seem to be either abrasive, incompetent or uncaring regardless of store or state.

Their employee posts here just proves that.

I changed pharmacies altogether and am happy.

I forgot what it was like NOT to dread going to the pharmacy.

Whoever post on my comment, please be kind.

It solves more problems than being rude which only inflames the situation and apparently attracts Walgreens employees who take their hostility home with them after they get off from work and then go online to further insult their customers. Bye Bye Walgreens, not nice knowing you.

Original review posted by user Mar 04, 2016

I was astounded by a 'Fill in' Pharmacist who tried policing my medications that I have had filled for the last 12 years. She questioned every single medication and was adamant on calling my physicians before filling refills all of which were electronically sent to them by my Physicians.

I told her she was not familiar with me, my medical history and couldn't even pronounce my name correctly so I was to trust her to "Question" my very competent and respected Doctors. Refusing to phone my meds into another pharmacy or filling without her 'divine' intervention, I told her she was not a Doctor or a Policeman. Being Asian, she kept repeating she was a Doctor of Pharmacology meaning, pharmacist. Escalated to the point of almost me having to call the police since I was out of my meds and it was the weekend.

Turns out, they were already filled and waiting for me to pickup in the bins. She had done this to many other customers apparently and cost the store the loss of customers. I would Highly suggest and recommend WALGREENS to instruct their pharmacists to act as such and not as treating Doctors or Policemen. If they have that desire, they are in the wrong field and should further their degree.

Too many other competing Pharmacies who would greatly appreciate the $2,000 a month plus business I bring to them. A shining example of people wanting to be something they aren't capable of being and trying to exert inappropriate authority. Again, Walgreens, Keep your pharmacists inline. I visit my Doctor's monthly and they are all in communication regarding my care and know much more about me than a traveling pharmacist.

Furthermore, it is my relationship with my Doctors at stake and I would laugh at a pharmacist questioning a patient's doctors if it weren't so potentially damaging to the patient and insulting to the Doctor.

To boot, they are very irresponsible in calling my Doctor for refills when needed or quickly if at all in obtaining a PA for the insurance company but they do not hesitate to call a Doctor to question prescribed medications I have taken for over 12 years without any known interactions?

Totally inappropriate and disrespectful behavior. TRAIN YOUR PHARMACY STAFF.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Walgreens Cons: Pharmacy is constantly messing up, Service.

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I could understand her questioning you if you were a new customer or the scripts were something new being prescribed. But by the sounds of it, you were a regular customer and your meds were already filled and just sitting there.

All that information was available to her had she checked the computer records. She sounds like she was power-tripping.

to Anonymous Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1151525

:))) You are the only one who read and understood my problem/complaint. Thank You for being intelligent and mindful.

Something many could learn here before posting. It was simply a "Power" thing and nothing more or less.

I hope You post on other's comments as well. I think that is something that people just need.

Understanding! Best to You.


your doctor probably took 4 months of pharmacology in Med school while the pharmacist took 4+ years of pharmacology. And your doctor probably didn't even show up to every class because they were to drunk from the night before.

to Anonymous Carrollton, Georgia, United States #1123181

You apparently are one of those MANY BAD Pharmacists at WALGREENS.

MAD because YOU don't have a DR degree so You endorse and inflict bad conduct in what tiny responsibilities you have.

My Doctor's are among the very BEST and do NOT need the advice of an incompetent and angry pill counter.

Doctor's write the medications, pharmacists fill them.

End of Story.

You should have learned that on your first day but probably didn't pay attention from getting high on your own stock.

to JudyMM #1150533

I'm a tech, not a pharmacist, and I love how you think your MD is always right.

to Anonymous #1150998

I never said Doctor's never make mistakes.

No, they are never always right but when things arise I don't understand, I ask and in a private setting.

Not in a public place with customers watching.

But it no longer matters, I haven't set foot in Walgreens again and wouldn't if they were the only store in driving distance.

So you are a tech?

Good for You, I have more respect for them than the pharmacists at walgreens. They seem to be doing all the work.

to Anonymous Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1151008

I just moved to TN and the Walgreens here isn't any better. I decided to use another drug store and have been treated so much better.

They have gotten ALL my pharmacy records and communicated with my old Doctors and New Doctors. They even call me by name after only 2 visits to the pharmacy:)))

I am so very happy this is one less problem I have to worry about. I just accepted the problems I had at Walgreens but now I realize that was something I DIDN'T have to worry about after all. Life is hectic enough without having to worry about every single detail and put up with a medication Police when I haven't done anything wrong.

I would suggest anyone else who reads these complaints to get rid of as many problems as possible and never put up with a store who does not appreciate your business. Be a GOOD Customer where ever you go and don't allow yourself to be mistreated because there are businesses who do appreciate you as much as you appreciate them.

to Anonymous Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1151013

My original post wasn't meant to cause so many rude responses like yours.

I have never even used this site before and didn't know before I posted.

Please be kind, you aren't doing your employer any favors by being so RUDE.

Suggest solutions, resolutions and be kind!

If there is a serious problem with a store or customer, it will be resolved appropriately and won't ever be resolved by arguing or being defensive online. That is rude regardless and again, doesn't do any favors to your business.

I want to quit receiving these responses, my problem is resolved.

No thanks to the kindness of Walgreens. I just moved on.

to Anonymous Carrollton, Georgia, United States #1123187

Anonymous says.

What actual, beneficial education does a pharmacist have over anyone who has a computer/program that does most of the work? Pharmacy Techs do most of that too.

I've watched the pharmacist at "work", not impressed.

Looks like about as much effort as placing a burger order at McDonalds. I've never seen them do much more than place labels on bottles and key in computer and staple bags.

Overpaid pill counter, but wait, I think that's also done electronically or by a tech.

to JudyMM #1150534

pharmacist have Doctorate degrees, please have several seats.

Carrollton, Georgia, United States #1122145

I had the exact same experience. Must have been the same store/pharmacist.

But this seems to be a prevalent problem with people who do not know how to do their jobs and respect boundaries.

In their stupidity, they are clueless how it affects their job security and success of store. Especially when Walgreens has closed/closing many of it's stores. CVS has a much more professional and accommodating Pharmacy Staff. LOL, "Policing" is exactly correct, like they know by looking at someone what is or could be wrong with them.

Many cancer patients look and speak healthy and no one needs grief when visiting a Pharmacy especially in this electronic and technologically secure age with regard to medications regardless of what they are. Their job is to make sure NO interactions and speak with the Customer, not the Doctor. Their Jobs are not to interfere with Patients rights but to uphold them. NO Patient/Pharmacy contracts are in place if they want or decide they want to act as Physicians.

Total disregard to Patients and Doctor's alike. Only at Walgreens.

to carrie74 Carrollton, Georgia, United States #1123183

All I can say to this is AMEN, AMEN, AMEN.

We must be using the same *** store but after reading all the complaints on here, I think it is just Walgreens Pharmacist period.

Bottom of the Barrel.

CVS has always been my choice of stores but now live 15 miles from one. I am going to welcome the monthly drive just to have proper, TRUSTED and respected service.

to JudyMM #1124313

lol so their job isn't to speak with the Doctor? Well, if there are interactions you're on your own trying to get the medication changed AND I guess y'all won't be receiving whatever prescriptions are called in since it's not the pharmacists' job to speak with the Doctor.

Customers like yourselves are something else lol and p.s.

it's not the pharmacies' job to obtain new refills for y'all or perform prior authorizations ;) and an added bonus is that the pharmacist double checks narcotic meds with doctors to avoid early filling and to curb addiction because in the end it's their license at stake.

to Anonymous Carrollton, Georgia, United States #1124340

Nothing You ranted on about has anything to do with the incident. IF it isn't the job of the pharmacist to obtain refills they why is it listed on the WALGREENS site as an option?

Also, this is just common decent Customer Service. CVS ALWAYS without question obtains a PA if needed and without having to request it over and over. They simply just do it. I guess it's all about the quality of Customer Care and Pharmacists care of patients which apparently is NOT their concern.

Also, what are you talking about Controlled Substance? Was any mention made of that? You have a lot of excuses and assumptions to make for Your lack of doing your job professionally.

I have used CVS across the country and never once have I had to insist or follow up on a PA and they only phone Dr's when the RX is not clear. As far as drug interactions, one can easily read the RX inserts/information themselves.

Walgreen's isn't exceptionally good at that either. I've never had a drug interaction as my Doctor knows what I take and they know what they are doing. Do everyone a favor and get a new career since you have such a bad, defensive and uncaring attitude. You are not a DR.

They don't need to phoning any doctor asking why a patient is taking a certain medication. NONE of their Business. Between the Dr.

and the Patient.

to Anonymous Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1124351

Also since you seem stuck on Controlled Substances, You apparently don't realize the obvious. People who "Abuse" (Not Use, there's a difference) those drugs usually have the good sense to use local, Privately owned pharmacies since they have to compete so hard to stay in business.

NO one would be using WALGREENS with a Drug Problem since it brings too much attention to themselves. I know of 2 small town pharmacies who bend the rules for people who overtake their medications and do indeed overlook things a Corporate pharmacy would not.

After speaking with a medical professional the other day, she herself experienced the exact same thing I did when getting her meds filled at Walgreens and she is a colleague of a Respected Doctor.

You should exercise some common sense before posting.

But again, since you are one of those "CUSTOMER HATING" Walgreens Pharmacists that posts so many bad things about your customers which is obvious in your response You don't have a clue what is best for the customer, only justifying your own incompetent and bad behavior. Another thing I have heard repeatedly from Walgreens employees is how the pharmacist do hate the customers and it shows.

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