Ridgeland, Mississippi

Walgreens Management: Please do not hire people who have no customer service skills or incompetent ones. I asked an associate to help me locate an item and after waiting 30 minutes, come to find out that no one was helping me.

I was there the day before and they told me they didn't have the item, but was advised to go back the next day because they would have it. I tried again the next day, they looked like deer in headlights. Their response was they did not know Walgreens carried that particular item. Shocking!

They told me to wait and that someone was getting me help, but they weren't doing anything. When I finally approached someone, their excuse was the person in charge of putting up that item did not stock them and she left had for the day. Keep in mind that the item was from the weekly add, and Walgreens update weekly ads every Sunday. This is Tuesday, yet they never had the item put up on the shelves, when they apparently had them stored somewhere.

They didn't even have the decency to let me know that they couldn't locate it for me; instead, made me wait there for nothing.

Not only did I leave the store disappointed, I waited 10 minutes at the check out line, when there were only 2 people in front of me, with very few items on hand. When it was finally my turn, the cashier was very rude and talked down to me when I asked questions. I did nothing but tried to be patient, but she was rude and rushed me out of the store.

The staffs were very unprofessional and lazy. When I walked up to ask for help, they were too busy socializing with one another. I live only a mile away from this Walgreens, but I will not be returning again.

I had a terrible experience. I want to make sure that the Corporate are aware of this problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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30 minutes to realize no one was helping you...?

Wags carries how many tens of thousands of items, why would it shock you that some minimum wage employee might not be familiar with every last one of them?

"the person in charge of putting up that item did not stock them and she left had for the day"-that makes no sense, we typically stock once or twice a week when mdse arrives and don't tell people that we can't look for mdse just because the person in charge of that area is gone for the day.

It sounds as though the item you wanted hadn't yet arrived at the store to be stocked, it happens. You sound confused, did you actually listen to what they were trying to tell you or did you stop listening the minute they tried to tell you it wasn't in stock. Did you ask for a manager to try to clarify what the problem was?


Your spelling and grammar shows that you to are incompetent, please go back to school and learn how to spell. With an attitude like yours they don't want you in the store long. First you complain that you had to wait ten minutes, then you complain that they want you rushed out of the store, there is just no pleasing an unpleasant child such as yourself.