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I am in my late 50's and went to buy cigarettes at Walgreens. Cashier asked for id and I showed it to him.

He tried to take it to scan it and I said you can see it but you can't scan it. I was then told it was policy from management that they HAD to scan my id or they couldn't sell to me. I walked out without making a purchase.

Hey Walgreens top management, how about hiring some competent employees who actually are able and WILLING to do their job - like carding anyone looking say under 30, and leave the over 40 crowd alone so they actually still want to shop at your stores. Just because you had incompetent, lazy, or crooked employees who got caught NOT DOING THEIR JOB CORRECTLY, should NOT call for you to penalize your customers - or now ex-customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Change policy like others stores have - card under 30 yrs - and/or look but DON'T scan after hiring competent employees..

  • No Reason To Scan My Id
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This is the new thing to intimidate customers who smoke or buy liquor, etc. Best to not shop at these places.

Management is also afraid of selling these age-limited products to a minor and getting caught---thus the stupidity of "carding" granny or gramps because their employees can't figure out they should ask for ID for people who don't look 18 or 21.

Walgreen's is apparently going one step further and demanding a copy of your driver's license----rather dangerous, wouldn't you think? But, apparently Walgreen cares little for your privacy and risk of stolen identification.