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I went to get a flu shot at the Highland , Indiana location. I was told that my insurance no longer covered the shot and that I would have to pay cass.

Afterward, just for the heck of it, I called the insurance co. who said I was covered! Thus began a series of calls between me and the insurance co and Walgreens. At one point I went into the store and called the insurance and let them talk to the Walgreens employee who STILL could not figure out how to send the claim!

I went back later that day determined to stay until they gave me a refund. I gave them a toll-free number that was clearly visible on my insurance card and asked them to try that. FINALLY they got it right!

I will NEVER go to the Highland Walgreen's again.

Pharmacy you can trust? BS

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: do an investigation to find out how many other customers had to pay cash for services that were covered by their insurance. They are due refunds!.

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I picked up a prescription from Walgreens and when I got home I did not recognize the prescriptions. I then look at the address and found out they belong to someone on the other side of town.

I'll return those to the Walgreens and pick up the correct prescriptions. I'm glad I didn't take the wrong medication it could have been dangerous.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1164031

The doctor prescribed to medications for my husband one for each knee, the pharmacist insisted this order was a copy or repeat prescription. I tried to explain my husband has two knees and the doctor wanted medication for each one of them.

The pharmacist was lost and impossible to talk to so we ended up going to the insurance company Cigna online pharmacy and they filled the prescriptions as they should be and everything worked out fine. Walgreens could not figure out how to fill a simple prescription.

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