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I am of the opinion that the pharmacists located at 1585 Randolph Ave in St. Paul MN have absolutely no idea what they are doing with respect to refills of controlled substance prescriptions. Here is what happened:

1. I was told in April of 2013 that a prescription for controlled substances can only be filled when insurance will cover and that they will only dispense the quantity covered by insurance (if the doctor writes for 40 and insurance only covers 30, they will not sell you the other 10 at cash),

2. I was told in May of 2013 by one pharmacist that such prescriptions could only be refilled up to 3 days prior to the 30th day of the previous fill.

3. I was told again in May of 2013 by a different pharmacist that I can fill only 2 days prior to the 30th day of the previous fill.

To me, this indicates either or both of the following conditions exist at this Walgreen's location: 1. the branch is completely unclear as to when these prescriptions can be refilled, and/or 2. the pharmacists working at this branch are simply incompetent and incapable of fulfilling their duties as state-licensed pharmacists.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend against using this pharmacy and ask the management of Walgreens to review the competence of the pharmacists working at this location vis a vis refills on controlled substance medications.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Fill at a small pharamacy you wont have any problems because most of them follow the law so the dea does not bother them


I am having the same issue with the Walgreens in Jacksonville Florida. They have zero consistency as to when controlled substance can be filled.