Pensacola, Florida

I was getting a medication filled at walgreens for the past year, after work last week I dropped off my same prescription to be filled and since it was an half hour before they were closing I told the tech I would come back the following day, she said no problem. I went to pick up my prescription the next day and was told it couldn't be filled, I asked why?

the tech clearly stated that it was against their policy to fill it because of another medication I was taking. The prescriptions are from my regular Doctor and I have been on the medication for over 3 yrs, and I wasn't on any new or different medication, I have had the same prescription filled 4 times already at Walgreens, I asked for a copy of the policy and when it was in affect, she couldn't provide me with any documentation and stated it was in affect since last year, I was confused, since it was the first I've heard about it, she also stated that the 2 different pharmacists from before overlooked my medications, which I conveyed to her that wasn't true because both pharmacist consulted me on the medication. I was treated rudely and lied to. When I got home, after getting my written prescription back, I called corporate to inquire about the new policy, Corporate told me they have no such policy, and that it was up to the individual pharmacist, to fill a prescription.

I was upset of how I was treated and not valued as a customer and the fact I'm not taking hard drugs, and my doctor knows what I'm taking and why and prescribed them, my question is when did a pharmacist discriminate what a Doctor prescribes a patient?

Why should they have that authority? So, I went to another pharmacy got my prescription filled, hassle free might I add, and I will never go to another walgreen's again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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