Marble Falls, Texas
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For 3 weeks in a row, I went into Walgreens the day after the sale began and they were out of the item on sale and on the 3rd week, I spoke with a manager. She admitted they don't get enough of the "sale" items for everyone and you have to get there on the first day (items are advertised for all week).

Basically, tough luck and we don't care.

No rain check because it was a buy one/get rebate item.

This is a consistent problem with Walgreens--advertising items cheaply and not being able to deliver!! And of course, if you do find it on the shelf you have to give them your personal information to get a Loyalty card to get the good price!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Tacoma, Washington, United States #599516

Tough luck, I don't care. It's not as if the managers oversee the direct transfer from our distribution center to our stores.

The fact that those sale items are being advertised nationwide is an impossible feat to accomplish at every store in every region. We try our best and we work with what we get.

I mean seriously - our stores are small and we 'might' get a shipment every week. Just sounds like you would prefer to *** than to have an ounce of understanding.

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