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Late 2012, an employee named Irma at the newly opened Miami Beach Walgreen's on 23rd Street in the Beauty Dept was so unhelpful that it was shocking to me. She is Obese, just noting that only because she is lazy, and not the right person to be helping others who are nice to others and very helpful herself.

My complaint is her personality and the outer layer may be a factor since she is a diva and cannot help others and that is her job? I was a loyal, frequent shopper of Walgreens since before I was born LOL I do shop at many of the Walgreens now still and find no fault with anyone, but this one employee named Irma who I am compelled to report. She actually changed my behavior drastically from being a loyal Walgreen's customer to becoming an avid or frequent shopper at CVS from 2013 to present. I am happy now and have closure in this report.

I only buy an Arizona iced tea here and there from Walgreen's since taking a chance and changing to CVS right after Irma was just unfriendly and verbally abusive. I save money too at CVS. Irma was so verbally standoffish and me, was so kind and even spoke Spanish with her since she was learning English. Irma, who can be super unempathic to a customer's needs, still works at Walgreen's and I shop CVS now mostly and Walgreen's when thirsty and need an iced tea.

Walgreen's is a good company and maybe they give Irma too much support. I wish they would pay some of the other good workers and managers well and there are many, and get rid of Irma, but life isn't perfect. Thank goodness for CVS or an alternative and that I finally could walk away from someone who makes your experience bad when you are respectful to them, their language barrier, and smile and talk nicely to them as a person not even noticing their obesity, but now have no compassion to such a poor character of a person.

Shopping CVS was my response :) and I save much more money :) Walgreens shouldn't paycut staff, only Irma.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Fire Irma..

Walgreens Cons: Irma.

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Maybe she didn't like you. This happens--so ignore it and move on.

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